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From the runways of Europe to the red carpet at the Oscars, this fierce, fashionable and sexy novel sizzles.

Money, sex, power: some things are always in fashion.

Christine Fairbrother is a high-powered attorney, the scourge of London divorce courts. She has unstoppable ambitions, and her next big case could help catapult her to the top of her profession.

Christine's talented daughter, Isabelle Cissé, is a budding designer, just launching herself on the London fashion scene, full of dreams and ambitions-and with a fatal weakness for unsuitable men.

Victoria Crabtree enjoys the favors of Massimo Rivelli, the multi-millionaire owner of one of the world's leading manufacturers of couture fashion. But he shows no sign of leaving his wife and Victoria is always in danger of being replaced with a younger model.

The lives and conflicting ambitions of these three unforgettable women become tangled as they discover the lengths to which Victoria will go in order to survive...

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    Rupert James
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    Cleis Press Inc.
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    2012 year
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    • Airen Wolf
      Writer, rank 7/10

      This is one of those books that is just a damn good read! It is intelligent, insightful, and colorful. It blends people and situations with the dexterity of a barrista! It is at times funny, sad and left me totally satisfied in the end. If this is the direction that EF is going in for media I'm going to need a bigger bookcase.

    • Annemarie
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.9/10

      Is it a good read? Yes. Is it erotica? Well... no. Silk, by British author Rupert James is an exciting, easy to read, sinfully delicious book, but is truly lacking in the erotic department. Descriptive scenes of sex are few and far between, and, while diverse, they left me desiring more.

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    Customer comments

    • Might try this as something different
    • Could be good...
    • sounds interesting.
    • I'm curious about it.
    • Surprised Eden carries this.
    • Dramatic...
    • Hmm
    • Passing on this one.
    • I've read a few reviews on other websites... It could either be really interesting or utterly boring. Though, the characters works in a field that interest me.
    • cool
    more reviews (5)
    • Interesting. I am going to read a sample in a few. I really like the title. No idea if it's anything I'd actually read though..
    • Getting this to review! Will let you know how it is. Reading through the Amazon description, it looks interesting.
    • Revenge? Eh...
    • Hmm, title sounds promising.
    • I wish there was more description for this.
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