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The heroine, O, is a young, beautiful fashion photographer in Paris. One day her lover, Rene, takes her to a chateau outside Pairs, where she is enslaves, with Rene's approval, and systematically whipped and sexually assaulted by various men. Later, Rene turns O over to Sir Stephen, an English friend who intensifies the brutality, branding O on the buttocks and inserting a ring bearing both their names, in one of her labie. But the final humiliation is yet to come...

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    Pauline Reage
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    Ballantine Books
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    1993 year
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  • Reviews(47)

    • Jenny Swallows
      Writer, rank 5.1/10

      This book probably turned more people onto BDSM than any other single work. Not for the squeamish, but if you even suspect you are an adventurous lover, you need to read O.

    • Sir
      Writer, rank 6.8/10

      The Story of O, or Histoire d'O, is a book about a woman's transformation into a submissive young slave. It was written by a French writer who wrote it for fairly odd reasons, which makes it understandable why it's such a horrid read. The book itself was so badly written that it truly made me feel sorry once I got to the end that I had wasted my time reading it. It was a frustration to read, and it isn't a good portrayal of BDSM, or any other, relationships.

    • ♥ Amanda ♥
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.6/10

      The Story of O may be a classic in France. However, I do not read or speak French, making it extremely difficult to truly critique the original novel. I did find the English version to be one of the most irritating reads I have come across. The story jumps around between characters, O does not truly desire to be a slave, the ending has been removed, and the story is very hard to follow. I would recommend going with a better sado-masochistic read, such as Carrie's Story.

    • ellieprobable
      Writer, rank 5.3/10

      This is a book that is worth looking beyond the mystique with and considering as a cultural object. Whether you are kinky or not. If you are a sex-positive person, O will get you thinking about our standards of decency and the line between private and public.

    • Lara
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.1/10

      The Story of O is driven by a fierce erotic intensity that only begins loosening its hold well after the first 60 pages are behind you. It's the story of a beautiful fashion photographer, O, and her initiation and subsequent voyage into the world of the submissive.

    • Carrie Ann
      Writer, rank 7.1/10

      It’s the book I love to hate and hate to love. It’s erotic as hell. Some of the sex scenes and pain scenes are pussy clenching hot. The objectification and dehumanization of O is also hot, hot, hot. But it always strikes me as very unrealistic.

    • AHubbyof2SexualMinds
      Writer, rank 5.8/10

      The Story of O is a classic within the BDSM community, being penned in 1953 in France and causing a stir when it was first published. Eventually it made its way to the States and was translated into English and many who are into BDSM will pick up this book at some point or another. While some may love it, others will not, and I am in the latter category.

    • Aetherist
      Writer, rank 5/10

      The Story of O is required reading for anyone interested in seeing the boundaries of where erotica can take us. It's a dense, beautiful, brutally honest book, and a work of literature in its own right.

    • Airlia
      Writer, rank 5.5/10

      The Story of O is a journey of one woman as she discovers what it truly means to be submissive. She goes through many changes through the book and it's so intriguing to read about it. It can be an introduction or a new insight into BDSM. I'd recommend not reading the blurb if you don't want too much of the story revealed!!

    • Happy Camper
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.4/10

      I had incredibly mixed feelings about the content of this book in the best possible way. If you're submissive or masochistic in any way, you'll likely enjoy this book. It's the book I hate to love and love to hate, but I love that dynamic, so I give it four stars.

    • stardeltafire73
      Reviewer, rank 4.3/10

      If you have even the slightest curiosity about the BDSM lifestyle, you should read this book. It shows you the many different ranges that are within the one lifestyle. It delves into the more extreme, yet also touches on the more subtle aspects at the lifestyle's core. It shows the struggle of a submissive who has a strong will and the delicate balance of love within the D/s relationship. It is a thought-provoking and libido-racing fantasy mixed with some reality.

    • KinkyShay
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.6/10

      The Story of O is an awe inspiring tale of a woman who enjoys being made a slave of. The book goes into incredible detail into her journey, including the often brutal treatment at the hands of those she submits to.

    • lolife
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5/10

      Wonderful amazing book whose descriptions of sex and torture will stay with you long after you've read it. A must for those who enjoy BDSM and/or D/s relationships.

    • janemeriwether
      Writer, rank 4.8/10

      If you want a book that gets your motor going but also intrigues you and keeps you fingers turning the page...and other things...this is definitely a book you need to read.

    • Kitka
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.8/10

      Personally, I couldn't finish this book fast enough. It took forever to read because I found it tiresome to drudge through the horrible writing style.

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    Customer comments

    • I didn't enjoy some of the writing in it, but the overall story was fantastic. Arousing and very interesting. I tore it through quickly and reread it right away. I can't think of a better book when it comes to BDSM.
    • Another item I wanted now gone. WHY IS EVERYTHING BEING DISCONTINUED??!!
    • Sounds awesome.
    • Classic.
    • I find it a masterful piece of erotic fiction, emphasis on the fiction. I understand people's misgivings about some of the behavior in the book, but it doesn't diminish the book's power for me.
    • For the time it was written I still think this book is wonderful. There is much I don't agree with but it's worth a read!
    • Branding the buttocks... sounds a bit much.
    • I really should read this.
    • Sounds nice.
    • Def a must!
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    • i look forward to reading this
    • Did not enjoy this book at all. Branding one's initials an inch into the buttocks?
    • heard good and bad things. interested to read it
    • I have heard a lot about this book and would really love to read it sometime
    • So far this is the only thing I have found that promotes abusing another human being both mentally and physically more than Twilight and The Crucible. People who find another's pain amusing should probably go talk to someone about this.
    • =]
    • a good one
    • want it!
    • meh!
    • Though the story portrays acts that don't qualify as safe, sane, and consensual, I still love this book. I have read it multiple times. There are some ideas that could be incorporated into a BDSM scene. My hubby loved the idea of the girls at Roissy not being allowed to cross their legs or close their mouths completely to symbolize that they should always be open and their bodies belonged to their Masters.
    • One of the most erotic novels in history, this book is in my top favourites. It can seem unrealistic and extreme at times, but isn't that why we read books?
    • I am very disappointed with this novel.
    • k3
      Have heard a lot about "story of O' and I guess it's finally about time I should read it. :]
    • I love the movie Story of O.. I really want to get this book and see if it's anything like it.
    • I've got to agree with Carrie Ann - I love to hate it & hate to love it. The end especially leaves me furious. Still, it doesn't change the fact that it soaks my panties.
    • This was the first book of erotica that I ever read. I was suggested to me, by a friend. THANK YOU! WOW, this story is griping, erotic, hot and sexy. It introduced me to a world that I had only wondered about previously. This is a must read, to anyone who is interested in any form of erotica.
    • I hated it >_<
    • I really like the comments about this book! I need a copy!
      This sounds like a piece of shit book!
    • love it
    • nobodyintexas
      I read this book in high school and then shared it with all my friends. It was my first adventure in Erotic novels and I've been hooked ever since. In college, I wrote a very vivid book report on The Story of O and my English professor had never read it, until I introduced him to this book. If you've never exxperienced total submission to anyone, this novels will open your eyes to a very unusual moral code. I highly recommend this one as you begin your own journey into sexual fantasy.
    • Truly captivating story that draws you into an under world of BDSM. Most of us secretly wished this existed in our own daily lives. It kept me spiraling into fantastic, ethereal, and brutally passionate experiences.
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