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Looking to keep the heat? In Sweet Love, bestselling editor Violet Blue creates a world of lusty and in-love couples who live out their fantasies with delicious results. These powerful scenarios are recipes for romance that real couples can use as inspiration for memorable explorations of their own. This delectable collection will have you wishing for role-playing, exhibitionism, spankings, surprise threesomes, and much much more. Sweet Love's expertly crafted, explicit stories will really take you there.

With stories by Thomas Roche, Janine Ashbless, N.T. Morley, D.L. King, Andrea Dale, Kristina Wright, Emilie Paris, Kat Black, Kay Jaybee, Allison Wonderland, Felix D'Angelo, Jan Darby, Jude Mason, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Amanda Fox, Vanessa Vaughn, Alison Tyler, Dylan Reed, and Zach Addams.

"If you ever get a chance to try out your number-one fantasies in real life-and I assure you, there will be more than one-say yes. It's well worth it. May this book, its adventurous authors, and the daring and satisfied characters be your guiding inspiration." -Violet Blue, from the Introduction

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    2010 year
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    Violet Blue

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