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Erotic Moods, The Very Best of CD by Neurodisc
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Erotic Moods is a sensual musical journey inspired by romance. A style that combines the essence of Enya, Enigma, Deep Forest, and Moodswings to create a sound that is the perfect accent to any romantic or erotic encounter.


1.Sahara Sun


3.Of Life And Love


5.For Want Of Her

6.Etude Amour

7.My Beloved

8.On Wings Of Angels

9.Shadows Of The Day

10.Breathe With Me

11.The Heart Given




15.Visi D'Arte

Catalog ID: NR001

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    65 mins.
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    Customer comments

    • This looks like it could be kind of neat. Don't know that I would buy an erotic music cd (I like more hardcore stuff like rap with dirty lyrics) but I bet this could help a lot of people tune in turn off and get in the mood!
    • Yeah, not for me at all..
    • I really don't understand "romantic music"
    • Interesting, but the reviews aren't great.
    • sounds like 90s-sounding meditation/yoga music.
    • is it bad that i thank it would help me forces more one homework then romance.
    • Hahahaha. That's just terrible.
    • Bummer that this is only music cd on the site- the concept is good but the samples sound horrendous
    • vampiroticism
      Just listened to the samples and was a bit disappointed..was hoping for Erotic not easy listening :(
    • Definitely not what I'd like for mood music but I like what I'm hearing in the sample clips, it would be great to put on my iPod for when I want to relax.
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    • GuitarEdenx
      do you think this set is better - have Eden F. considered some erotic techno music - if you know what i mean ..
    • sounds like a cheap 80's attempt at erotic
    • sad face. i was hoping it would be more 90's r&b bump and grind music!
    • SheerLilac
    • cool
    • hmm ..
    • Doesn't really sound very erotic to me, unless you get off on being super new age.
    • hm
    • Hm.. the reviews make me question this..
    • hmm. i think i'm going to have to get this.
    • love the artwork. never tried ordering music from here before, so i'll have to wishlist this.
    • want!
    • ooooooooooo
    • cool!
    • So cool!
    • Wasn't A Fan
    • I just love how there are samples to listen to :) Great idea! I hope this option will be available for all the CDs on Eden soon!
      Wow. The music is beautiful. I'm so glad there are samples available. I'd love to have a copy. It doesn't seem like the best music in the world, but it does seem pretty good.
    • this is a good cd when u wanna take things slow. great for romantic sex
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