The Red Hot Touch: Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage is presented by New World Sex Education (studio) and EdenFantasys.

Red Hot Touch: Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage DVD by New World Sex Education
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Product summary and comments by Rockin'


You only need your hands and some oil to give an intimate, erotic massage. Watch three male/female couples give massages and learn sensual massage techniques, described by the talented Jaiya. From head to toe, you’ll learn massage moves that relax and stimulate your partner’s body while deepening your connection.

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  • Content / Genre / Audience

    Rockin''s opinion
    Red Hot Touch: Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage is part of a five-DVD series on erotic massage by New World Sex Education. This educational video presents numerous massage techniques while emphasizing communication, intimacy, and body awareness. If you want to learn massage techniques in general, or learn how to incorporate massage into sensual play, this video is a good match.

    The video is narrated by Jaiya, whose voice is formal, friendly, and easy on the ears. Three male/female couples wordlessly demonstrate massage techniques while Jaiya’s voice describes each one. Soothing music plays in the background as a constant element throughout the film. Between each description, the actors repeatedly demonstrate the technique, sometimes using variations that may inspire your creativity.

    The massage starts with the receiver lying on their stomach. Techniques for massaging the head, neck, shoulders, back, hips/butt, and legs are shown. The second half of the massage takes place with the receiver lying on their back. This part of the massage covers the face, chest, arms/hands, belly/hips, legs, and feet. While this video covers many erogenous zones of the body, techniques for the genital and anal regions are not part of its scope. These areas are covered in other videos in the Red Hot Touch DVD series.

    This video shouldn’t be considered porn, but it is still quite erotic to watch couples with such chemistry interact. Watching the video before attempting the techniques will familiarize you with the positions and motions used. Then, if you use the film as a guide while massaging, you can massage more skillfully and continuously.

    Jaiya presents the techniques with clear instructions, often including alternate positions or motions in case the original ones are not comfortable or attainable. Some of the techniques are quite interesting, like stroking the outside of the pinky or tracing your partner’s nostrils with your fingers and tongue. While many of the massage elements are designed to tease and arouse the receiver, these elements could easily be adapted to make a massage more relaxing if desired.

    In contrast to the music played during the massage, the music during the credits at the end of the film is darker and more suspenseful. Its rhythm is faster and the melody seems almost sinister, which does not complement the end of a massage very well.
  • Actors

    Rockin''s opinion
    Six actors, all in the nude, help demonstrate the massage techniques presented. Jaiya massages her partner Jon; Eros massages Eden; Clark massages Rachel. The chemistry between the actors is palpable and really adds to their performances. They present massage in a graceful, sensual manner that feels warm and welcoming.
  • DVD Features

    Rockin''s opinion
    The main menu gives you the option of playing the video from the beginning, or selecting a chapter based on the body region of the massage. You can also choose to view the video without narration if you wish to just watch and follow along. The narration-free option also has chapter selection. You do not have the option of watching the video without the music (i.e. narration only), which may disappoint people who wish to pair this video with their own music selection. Of course, you can always mute all sound and play your own soundtrack separately.

    In the Extras section, you will find a Behind the Scenes feature, a slide show, and previews of other films. The Behind the Scenes feature is narrated by Jaiya, who describes her journey of making this video and how the production came together. The slide show presents the actors in various sensual positions. The previews range from very erotic (vulva massage, anal massage) to a little bizarre (How to be a Sex Goddess in 101 Easy Steps). These films focus on massage, orgasm, and other related sensual practices.
  • Personal comments

    Rockin''s opinion
    Speaking as someone without much massage experience, the techniques were easy to mimic and felt quite nice in practice. I liked that you get to use your fingers, hands, elbows, and tongue to massage your partner. The timing between instructions was pretty good; only on occasion did I feel rushed between techniques. I also appreciated that Eros was uncircumcised, even though genitals weren’t the focus of this video.
  • Other

    Number of Discs:
    51 Minutes
    Not rated
    Release Date:
    March 15, 2008
    Production Year:
    New World Sex Education
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