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Red Hot Touch: Genital Massage for Men DVD by New World Sex Education
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Product summary and comments by Red


An excellent instructional DVD detailing a dozen or so techniques for an exceptional genital massage for men. Techniques are taught that can be used to stimulate a penis in any state of arousal, or combined to provide a truly decadent experience.

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    Red's opinion
    "Red Hot Touch: Genital Massage For Men" is one part of a DVD series made by Jaiya and Jon Hanauer, the authors of "Red Hot Touch: A Head-to-Toe Handbook for Mind-Blowing Orgasms". As one might expect, this specific DVD focuses on techniques for massaging the penis, with focus on the massage instead of inevitable release (although that topic is covered as well). Although this is firmly an instructional DVD, the film itself is done with attention to detail, and the whole production overall is quite classy and can pass as an erotic film when played with only music and no instructional voice over.

    The dozen or so techniques are clearly described, by voice over, as they are performed slowly and clearly by each of the couples. This blends seamlessly into a montage of the techniques in active use with each couple, showing how the 'move' looks when actually used in a massage. It is really nice seeing the techniques used in real time, instead of imagining how they look based on descriptions in a book.
  • Actors

    Red's opinion
    The DVD features three couples, who I *believe* are real (as is suggested from the behind the scenes 'extra') and that connection comes across in the ease with which they display the techniques being taught. The couples clearly enjoy each other, but the focus isn't really them, exactly - it's *her* hands and *his* penis. So although we see the couples doing something very intimate, this movie does not come across as pornographic. It's very tastefully done, actually.

    One of the couples is Jaiya and Jon, but that's not obvious till the credits role. All of the couples are have fit and trim bodies, are young to middle age-ish, (mostly) white and are heterosexual. The men are not particularly sparsely groomed. Their penises range from tightly circumcised to circumcised, and represent a decent spectrum of cocks. The techniques taught are applied differently (particularly, things like the 'foreskin stretch') depending on the specifics of the penis in question, which is nice because it shows how easy it is to adapt the techniques to different circumstances.
  • DVD Features

    Red's opinion
    The DVD can be played with instructional voice-over or without - with scene selection available in either format. Without the voice-over, the movie plays like a soft erotic film, and provides a great background 'prompt' to use when giving a male genital massage. The scene selection is nicely organized by 'move', and it is easy to see which move is which when browsing the scenes. There are no real extras with the film, just a few previews for other DVDs in the series, and other erotic massage movies by other educators.
  • Personal comments

    Red's opinion
    It's funny, you know, its not like Jaiya and Tom have presented brand new maneuvers, but I learned a lot from watching this movie. Things look different when you imagine them based on written word versus actually seeing. Sadly, my life so far has not afforded enough opportunities to watch truly exceptional hand-jobs and genital massages, so this DVD filled a niche I did not realize I had to fill.
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    Number of Discs:
    30 Minutes
    Not rated
    Release Date:
    March 15, 2008
    Production Year:
    New World Sex Education
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