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Red Hot Touch: Exquisite Anal Massage DVD by New World Sex Education
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Red Hot Touch is a great film for those who enjoy giving and receiving massages, and would like to extend that skill to external and internal anal massage. An instructional and artistic video, Red Hot Touch is not the right choice for individuals or couples looking to watch sex scenes in the traditional sense of the words, or for those looking for a fast paced anal penetration demonstration.

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  • Content / Genre / Audience

    Gabe's opinion
    Part education, part erotica, Red Hot Touch will appeal to a very specific audience. It's a film made by a masseuse, and whose entire focus is the art of erotic, anal massage, both external and internal. As such, you don't see a single penis or strap on entering an anus, but rather watch as couples slowly explore one another's holes, and all the pleasure that can accompany such exploration. The video instructed the massager on how to find the g-spot, prostate, and various other erogenous zones. More importantly, however, the video included voice over that narrated as each person modeled the massage technique, and explained specifically what they were doing and what purpose it served.

    It's hard to classify Red Hot Touch into a genre. It didn't feel "hot," in the same way that watching 2+ people engage in rough and tumble sex is to me. It wasn't "sexy" in the way that seeing a women strap it on and give it to a man is to me. It was, however, beautiful. The music, the connection between the actors, and the pleasure the receiver of the massage was clearly feeling were all patently obvious. Coupled with relaxing music, one had the feeling of sexual satisfaction, despite the lack of oral, anal or vaginal sex in the traditional sense of the word (a sense of the word I don't agree with anyhow).

    In many ways, Red Hot Touch would be better shelved with other massage technique books than with pornography. It's instructional and intimate, and was a pleasure to watch.
  • Actors

    Gabe's opinion
    The actors in the film were the director, her partner, and a variety of other no-names. In truth, though, there seemed to be very little acting involved. The person performing the massage was demonstrating very specific techniques, while the person receiving seemed to be deriving genuine pleasure from it.
  • DVD Features

    Gabe's opinion
    The DVD is split into two halves: Anal massage for men and anal massage for women. Each includes an approximately 20 minute long video about the topic, with specific tips for the anatomy of male and female bodies. In addition, a piece on buttocks massage is included, as well as a behind-the-scenes reel which gives some background on the making of the film.
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    Number of Discs:
    35 Minutes
    Not rated
    Release Date:
    March 15, 2008
    Production Year:
    New World Sex Education
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