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Best sex positions ever Book by Amorata Press
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If you want to "spice things up" in the bedroom than this book full of over "75 new and stimulating hot positions" is just the thing to take you and your partner to the highest peaks of arousal and pleasure. From the "tried and true" to the "provocatively new" each sizzling position is detailed with uninhibited suggestions and directions on how to prolong the ecstasy during lovemaking.

Beginning with the simple, but very important act of arousal and response, the book goes over some essential foreplay methods so that you and your partner can become more intimately aware of each other's bodies. Designed with a vast array of different scenarios, the book features variations on classic positions like missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and spoons to high-flying acrobatic moves for the serious enthusiast such as wheelbarrow, somersault, and headstand.

A section on experimentation is devoted to expanding your "sexual horizons," showing you how to incorporate toys and props such as handcuffs and blindfolds into your play, as well as having "illicit fun outside of the bedroom" with various locations, surfaces, and role playing games. Furthermore you will discover uncomplicated positions for "out-of-this-world orgasms" that are climax guaranteed. Illustrated with tastefully explicit, high-gloss photographs, this book is an "inspirational approach to lovemaking" that will add a new dimension to you and your partner's sexual quest.

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