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Kama sutra 365 Book by DK Publishing
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From the Congress of the Cow to the Splitting of the Bamboo, this book gives you a year's worth of awe-inspiring sex positions to breathe new life into love-making.Every position is illustrated with a photograph.

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    Various Authors
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    DK Publishing
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    2008 year
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    • SoSexxxay
      Writer, rank 5.4/10

      Kama Sutra 365 is an easy way to be introduced to these types of positions and texts. It provides a solid jumping-off-point from which to expand your knowledge and experiment in sexuality. The restrained imagery is neither shameful nor too chaste. The text, for the most part, is easy to identify with.

    • Kissaki
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.3/10

      This book has plenty of beautiful color pictures depicting various positions requiring various levels of flexibility, just don't expect any deep, meaningful explanation to go along with those pretty pictures. What text is present will add little to the pictures and could, at times, make you wonder, "Who writes the stuff?" Overall this is a pretty book, but it fell short of achieving the claim stated on the back cover, "How to be sensual, physical, erotic, exotic, ecstatic every day of the year."

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    Customer comments

    • Sure worth a read.
    • I'm glad there is more selection in books, but this seems to fall short of interesting.
    • curious...
    • MikeMV
      nice book
    • my hubby would want to read this
    • nice
    • cza
      Hard to decide between these books.
    • I'd like this
    • I can't wait to see more details.
    • Give us more info!
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    • There are so many options, I dont know which one to start off with. I wish that they showed a pic or two from inside the book so I could get a better idea of its contients. Any ideas?
    • I was hoping more Kama Sutra books would come to the site.
    • Another Kama Sutra book hmmm.
    • this might be interesting to give a try.
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