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Kama Sutra: The Perfect Bedside Companion Book by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
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In this wonderfully satin-bound book, Sir Richard F. Burton dictates one of the oldest and well-known treatises on sexuality and love with detailed text and beautiful reprinted paintings. Written in India nearly two centuries ago, the Kama Sutra, or "Aphorisms on Love," concerns the power of sexual congress and the human body to attain a state of spiritual enlightenment and connection. This landmark translation explores the rules and commandments of love, pleasure, and mutual gratification with frankness and a celebratory tone. This amazing new rendering features traditional art and illustrations accompanied by the true-to-the-original text that is as rewarding to read as it is to practice. The perfect companion piece to a world of sensual delights, this book also features a small wooden clasp to keep these iconic pages clean and in top condition.

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    Sir Richard F. Burton
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    Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
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    2003 year
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