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The Cosmo's Kama Sutra Book by Hearst
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You're always begging for more carnal contortions, so we finally compiled 77 of the best mind-blowing sex positions into one ultimate booty bible. The Cosmo Kama Sutra is a titillating page-turner filled with steamy illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

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    Editors of Cosmopolitan
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    Publication date:
    2009 year
  • Design

    Hardback in a cardboard sleeve holder
    Number of Pages:
    7 1/4"
    7 1/4"
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    • Everyone seems to know about the Kama Sutra and the editors of COSMOPOLITAN magazine have decided to get in on the act and bring you this book, complete with 77 different sexual positions. I was surprised with how good this book was. The positions are depicted through drawings, but you still get a sense of how the position should be attempted. There are also very useful tidbits of info throughout the book as well.

    • misskat
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.6/10

      This is a fun and laid-back approach to sex positions, along with other helpful tips spread throughout the book. If you want to explore more positions but don't want to take it too seriously, this book is for you.

    • puglove
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.1/10

      This book in my opinion is for the couple who are new to the sex scene and may be looking to adventure a little. For my partner and me, who are very sexual, this book offered us little to no new advice. I went into the review seeing it was made by Cosmopolitan and was expecting it to be a disappointment. I found by the days end I was proven right. Although this book is so easy a caveman could understand it, it's design, lack of original content, and non-discreet cover makes me want to say no!

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    Customer comments

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    • lol No.
    • Knowing Cosmo this is going to be hilarious.
    • Not more sex help from COSMO!! :(
    • I'm so burned out on these kama sutra books.
    • Might be okay but then again it's Cosmo...
    • Good lord. Do people really still ready Cosmo? lol
    • :)
    • we'll see......
    • This book is fun.
    • Cool.
    • interesting
    • not sure about this.
    • Interesting!
    • nope
    • Cosmo? lol. Seems legit.
    • Being Cosmo blows so hard, this might be good for a gag gift at best.
    • Well considering a few cosmo moves has caused more pain then anything for me I will have to pass it up.
    • Yeah, Cosmo doesn't have a great reputation with me.
    • I'm interested in seeing a review for this, but the fact that it has anything to do with Cosmo makes me not want it.
    • nice
    • Might be good, but it's hard to tell. I might wait for a review.
    • I guess I can skip my subscription now! lol.
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