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Delilah Devlin has delved deep to find fantastic tales of love and sex that know no bounds-think Twilight meets The L Word and turn up the heat. Her untamed shape-shifters will ignite your imagination with visions of primal passions and insatiable hunger. Paisley Smith's "The Night Crow" finds two lovers, divided by centuries and a terrible sacrifice, reunited in London. In Christine d'Abo's "Scorched Retribution," a human woman returns home after a ten-year absence, hoping to make amends with the one whose heart she'd broken-but the heart of a dragon isn't easily won. In the era of great wagon trains, the eldest daughter in a family of shape-shifters meets a Sioux "sister" and finds the promise of the West fulfilled in Angela Caperton's "Sweetwater Pass." Deliah Devlin's She Shifters will release the wild creature inside us all!

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    Delilah Devlin
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    Cleis Press Inc.
    Publication date:
    2012 year
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    Flexi Cover
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    5 1/2"
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    Edited by:
    Delilah Devlin

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