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"There was something about the way she touched me that made it clear she was touching the body I felt I had rather than the one I actually had. Oh, my god, her hands felt so good." -from "The Perfect Gentleman" by Andrea Zanin

In mainstream media, the erotic identities, sex lives and fantasies of transgender and genderqueer people are often oversimplified, sensationalized or invisible. Take Me There is an erotic collection unlike any other, celebrating the pleasure, heat and diversity of transgender and genderqueer sexualities. These stories will take you from San Francisco to Israel, from heartache to lust, from ballet shoes to a bondage table, from M to F and F to M-and in between and beyond.

With contributed stories by Gina De Vries, Rahne Alexander, Ivan Coyote, Helen Boyd, Giselle Renarde, Dean Scarborough, Evan Swafford, Jacques La Fargue, Kiki DeLovely, Kate Borenstein, Toni Amato, Sandra McDonald, Andrea Zanin, S. Bear Bergman, Anna Watson, Julia Serano, Rachel K. Zall, Alicia E. Goranson, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Michael Hernandez, Shawna Virago, Sinclair Sexsmith, Arden Hill, Zev, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Penelope Mansfield, Skrian McGuire, Laura Antoniou, and Patrick Califia

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    Tristan Taormino
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    Cleis Press Inc.
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    2011 year
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  • Reviews(32)

    • Ciao.
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.5/10

      Take Me There is the only collection of trans/genderqueer erotica out there that I am aware of and it is a great introduction to a largely unrepresented group. This is a great collection of well-written erotic stories edited by Tristan Taormino, one of the biggest names in the alternative-erotica world. I would imagine that anyone with an open mind and an eagerness for well written erotica would find this to be as equally fascinating as I did.

    • GONE!
      Writer, rank 5.9/10

      The very idea of an erotica collection focused on trans* and genderqueer people is enough to make me giddy, and this book took that idea and made it lovelier than I even imagined. The stories included are respectful, creative, and most of all freakin' sexy! Now, won't someone please make a second volume?

    • GenderSexplorations
      Writer, rank 5.3/10

      To find a trans* and genderqueer erotica collection is a dream come true! This book is thrilling, exciting, and tantalizing throughout. Respectful and creative, the authors capture the audience so well through their wonderful words. It's a book you will keep coming back to!

    • Antipova
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.9/10

      Take Me There is not just for those who bend gender themselves---anyone who enjoys a well-written, hot story will find lots to love in these 238 pages. Physical and emotional descriptions of lust---from a variety of characters in so many situations. Whether you relate to closeness when a vulnerability is shared, or to electricity when a connection is shared---many of the stories in Take Me There cut to the core of what every human has in common. And they're HOT!

    • Take Me There features sexy stories that are rarely told--stories of people who don't adhere to traditional gender sterotypes or boundaries. The stories are hot and sexy at times, heartbreaking at others, but always poignant. This is a great intro to sexy sex that doesn't necessarily follow along with the traditional guidelines to erotica.

    • bluekaren
      Writer, rank 6.2/10

      I highly recommend this book. These gender bending stories have all the elements to satisfy your darkest desires. Fisting, sex toys, clothes fetishes, is all inside. The book features 29 authors with so much variety, I had a hard time putting the book down.

    • bzzingbee
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.1/10

      Take Me There is a wonderful collection of stories outside the traditional gender roles. There is a little of everything in this book and you will find something you love while learning something new.

    • freud13
      Writer, rank 6.9/10

      This book is so hot it should catch on fire as you are reading it. The stories are the kind that you want to read again and again, with a partner, with a sex toy, with a new love interest. The stories in this book may also have you consider pushing some boundaries or trying something that you have not before. A must read.

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    • Definitely tempting!
    • I want this one sooo much! Hard to find characters in erotica who feel much like me.
    • I'm so excited about this
    • great review!
    • Want!
    • This remains one of my absolute favorites. Not time to write my followup yet, but I just keep rereading it!
    • Sounds so good
    • I'm happy to see that Eden carries this! It's been on my reading list for ages.
    • Want!!
    • I can't wait to own this book...
    • c90
      Really want this as soon as I have money.
    • i think i wanna read this one for sure
    • Went to a reading of these stories. They are amazing.
    • I'm one story in to this and I wish I was living it. Oh my gosh hot.
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