Bridal Shower – watch women sharing their private secrets

Bridal Shower DVD by Femme Productions
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Candida Royalle is a female producer that once acted in films herself. Disappointed that there didn't seem to be enough movies for women out there; with more of a storyline and realistic people and dialoged, she decided to start her own production company... these movies are definitely X-Rated and show nudity and lovemaking but stay away from close up shots in general. They are a nice safe bet for women who have never seen X-Rated films before, found the ones they've seen too much, or want more of a storyline. Have you ever wondered what women really talk about in private? Take a peek into the sexual lives, secrets and concerns of five women as they share in graphic detail the turn-ons and techniques that get them through the night. And watch their bridal shower turn into a sexy frolic as one woman's friends teach her how to entice her straying husband back into her arms... and into her bed.

Catalog ID: FP004

  • Content / Genre / Audience

    Femme Productions
    Candida Royalle
  • Actors

    Jonathan Morgan / Melissa Hill / Mike Horner / Missy(I) / Nina Hartley / Sharon Kane / Porsche Lynn / Guy DeSilva
  • DVD Features

    Web site access / Chapter Selections / Interactive Menus / Trailers
  • Other

    Number of Discs:
    1 hrs. 19 mins.
    Release Date:
    Production Year:
    Femme Productions
  • Reviews(2)

    • AHubbyof2SexualMinds
      Writer, rank 5.8/10

      For people just starting out with porn, this would probably be okay. If you don't like traditional porn, this would be okay as well. The story line, while predictable, was alright but the problem I had was the dated production. It was hard to really get into the scene because of some of the outfits the actors were wearing. Overall, if you like tame porn this might be for you. My wife thought it was okay. Me, a little less than okay.

    • Sex Student
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.7/10

      Unless your looking for a soap opera type of porn, stay away too drawn out. It is however a good movie to see if you may, or may not like to watch people have sex.

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