Oceanus Naturals Carrageenan - Lubricant from Oceanus Naturals

Carrageenan Lubricant by Oceanus Naturals
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  • Carrageenan - Lubricant
  • Carrageenan - Lubricant
  • Carrageenan - Lubricant
  • Carrageenan - Lubricant
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Product summary and comments by Victoria


This water-based lube delivers in so many areas - it's an all natural organic product made with women in mind; pH balanced to work with the vaginal flora and increase comfort. While it may be a little thin, it has no taste or smell and leaves no residue. The airless pump bottle is sturdy, mess-free and can be used with one hand. This is a great choice for those who need a good vaginal lube.

Best use:

This water-based lube is formulated for a woman's body and is meant to be used for everything - it's compatible with all areas of the body and all types of toys. I think it works best vaginally or for masturbation, as it is not very thick and may need to reapplied frequently for anal penetration. It is pH balanced to support the microflora of the vagina. Carrageenan is also totally organic, glycerin-free, paraben-free and loaded with natural plant extracts. It contains no silicone, no dimethicone or petroleum.

Catalog ID: SU1007

  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    Water, Propanediol (natural humectant), Carrageenan, Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (natural enzyme preservative), Citric acid, Organic aloe concentrate, Organic agave inulin, Vitamin E acetate, Sodium benzoate.
    Victoria's opinion
    This is an average viscosity. It's about as thick as most 'Wet' brand lubes, but has a different feel. It has a silky (but not oily) feel and is super light. The lube is slightly runny but spreads well and stays in place. It is not sticky at all. It's slick but absorbs into the hands easily, so it may not be the best jerk-off lube for guys. It comes in a pump style bottle, so pouring and mess are not an issue. More about the bottle in 'Packaging'.
  • Taste / Aroma

    Victoria's opinion
    Carrageenan has no smell and no taste - it sounds crazy but it's true. I have thought that other lubes that seemed to have no smell would also have no taste and have been wrong, but this one is smell-free and taste-free.
  • Performance

    Safety features:
    Glycerin free / Paraben free
    Special features:
    • All natural
    Victoria's opinion
    While this isn't a great choice for marathon sex or anal penetration, unless you want to reapply often - it is excellent for female masturbation and vaginal sex. It requires no clean up because there is no residue and no icky feeling. It feels like it's barely there, which is nice - I like that it felt so natural and light. I didn't even have to wash my hands because the lube absorbed into my fingers, feeling much like pure aloe (which it does contain).
  • Packaging

    4 fl.oz.
    0.4 lb
    Victoria's opinion
    Carrageenan comes in a box that has all of the natural benefits and ingredients written on all sides, as well as images of the ocean and plant life. It looks like something you could find a Whole Foods though, descriptive but discreet at the same time. The bottle is sturdy and printed the same as the box. It has a blue large translucent plastic cap and a large rounded airless pump style dispenser that is really impressive. Just don't push down too hard or it'll come spurting out. All you need is a little push. You can even dispense lube sideways or upside down, with no spills or clogging. That was a major plus in my book. The lid clicks on and makes it travel-friendly too.

    There are instructions/literature included that are English on one side and Spanish on the other, as well as an Oceanus Naturals sale booklet and a business card for a Dreambrands company sales rep.
  • Personal comments

    Victoria's opinion
    Not that many people give lube as a gift, but this would make a nice gift for the earthy woman in your life. It has such a nice feel and a practical presentation.
  • Experience

    Victoria's opinion
    I've used this lube about a dozen times now, and while I don't love it as much as Liquid Silk - it is among my top 5 favorite lubes. It feels really natural and I especially like it for clitoral masturbation. It's got a nice slip to it that makes it a great match for using with a vibrator. I personally would never use this lube for anal though. It's just not the right texture for my taste.
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