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Double strap harness - Cash - view #1 Double strap harness - Cash - view #2 Double strap harness - Cash - view #3 Double strap harness - Cash - view #4 Double strap harness - Cash - view #5 Double strap harness - Cash - view #6

Outlaw Leather's harnesses are uniquely designed to sit low on the hips and pubic bone so the hole in front almost frames your clit.

This places the pressure in a more pleasurable location. There's also a second hole on the inside that is located even lower than the front hole. This perfect allignment makes it ideal for a second dildo that the wearer can use.

Cash is Outlaw Leather's ode to gun-slingin', fist-swingin' and the color black.

Made out of all black leather, this harness features black snaps and rivets as well which are nicely accented by the silver buckles and D-Rings.

The strap that runs across your back has 3 dummy bullets on each side that would fit a .45 caliber just as snugly as they do your waist.

Cash comes with 2 different O-rings, a metal one and a black rubber one. They're interchangeable so you can use any size ring from 1 1/4" to 2" in diameter that you may want to use. Just simply unsnap the strips of leather holding the ring in place.

The thigh straps have D-ring adjustments and the waist straps have buckle adjustments. This harness can accommodate a waist up to 54" and the straps can be trimmed if too long for a perfect, customized look.

Each of the Outlaw Leather harnesses comes it its own drawstring bag. Cash's bag looks like a prison uniform complete with stenciled on numbers to complete the look.

  • Material:

    Material safety
  • Design / Craftsmanship:

  • Size / Fit:

    Maximum waist size:
    Dildo holder diameter:
    1 3/4" / 2"
    1 lb
  • Performance:

    Special Features:
    • Interchangeable ring
    • Rings set included
  • Other
    Safety features:
    Phthalates free
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