Carter-Wallace Trojan extended pleasure - Male condom from Carter-Wallace

Trojan extended pleasure Male condom by Carter-Wallace
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Trojan extended pleasure condoms have a special climax control lubricant, a male genital desensitizer, that contains 4% benzocaine to control climax and prolong sexual excitement for longer lasting intercourse. 7.8" long, 1.4" wide. One box of twelve condoms.

Catalog ID: T97250

  • Properties

    Condom size:
    Headroom Width:
    1 2/5"
    7 4/5"
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    Customer comments

    • Anything with that color of green on the box makes me think glow-in-the-dark! :P
    • anonymous
      from a guys experience, no one wants to talk about lasting longer, but theses really do work. My girlfriend and i can go for hours with theses. ill admit they can make u go limp unless your really turned on. ive also tryed random different gels and whatnot but theses are by far the best out there, plus are safer then just using a gel. IMHO they are worth a try over any other product on this site to cure that problem, just a little to high priced *hint hint* i know box stores are cheaper but i guess this is what u pay not having to walk around a store with them.
    • Tuli
      My boyfriend is the type of guy who despite his best efforts can't help but come too soon. Sometimes way too soon. These condoms desensitized him just enough to keep him from coming before I did while still providing him enough sensation that he could still enjoy the activities. These Trojans kept him going for so long that he feels like a champion sex god now.
    • Sharianah
      My boyfriend and I tried these and found they worked rather well. He doesn't REALLY need to last longer, but the lubricant give just the right amount of numbing to allow us to cum at the same time... They are a bit pricey, but worth it if you would like a few more minutes to climax!
    • -Juliea
      my guy has "lasting" problems, and we've used lifstyles extended pleasure before (which worked great), but some of those were too small for my guy (which is strange since I thought they were all supposed to be the same size), so we decided to try these since he said trojan has always fit him. THEY MADE HIM LIMP, and it took forever to get him hard again. He said it felt strange, stung a little, and that he never wants to use them again. Which stinks because now i have a whole box of them. I'm hoping to get him to try them one more time, to see if it was maybe just that one condom.... I'm sure these would work for someone, but for my guy who has sensitive skin to begin with, it was too intense.... in a bad way.
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