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  waiting on my new toy ... no its not lucky :(
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  • Discussion:

    Womens thoughts on cock sleeves   (4)
    started by Newguy199
    Category: Personal Experiences
    •   Lioncub

      posts: As a female, we haven't found one that I like yet. Have tried several different ones and they just...

      Yesterday, 10:03 pm
  • Discussion:

    New tongue piercing and giving blowjobs   (11)
    started by Mistress M.
    Category: Oral Sex Tips and Tricks
    •   Mistress M.

      posts: It's all good now, it took about a week to get it straightened away and to where it didn't hurt...

      Dec 15, 6:57 pm
    •   Mistress M.

      posts: Well, I already have pierced nipples, haha. A lot of the issue with tooth and gum damage is where...

      Dec 6, 10:26 am
    •   Mistress M.

      posts: Well, the problem I was having was that despite all my best efforts, was I couldn't get him off! I...

      Dec 6, 10:20 am
    •   Mistress M.

      posts: Alright everyone... I decided to pierce my tongue, and giving bpowjobs is definitely different then...

      Dec 3, 4:01 am
  • Review:

    Thrusting mini bunny review
    My favorit mini bunny!
    by Mistress M.
    •   Mistress M.

      writes: My favorit mini bunny!

      Dec 15, 6:49 pm
  • Follow-up review:

    Eden leather crop review
    Cream of the Crop
    by sXeVegan90, 26 months after original review
    •   sXeVegan90

      writes: Our spare closet is lined with bondage gear, and this is one of the toys we have hanging up in our..."

      Dec 13, 5:45 pm
  • Follow-up review:

    Precious heart review
    Be Still My Heart.
    by sXeVegan90, 27 months after original review
    •   sXeVegan90

      writes: We still like to use this precious gem of a plug, and it is still at the top of our toy chest. The..."

      Dec 12, 12:37 am
  • Review:

    Dr. Hot review
    Wanna Play Doctor?
    by sXeVegan90
    •   sXeVegan90

      writes: Wanna Play Doctor?

      Dec 12, 12:32 am
  • Contributor:

    Fun and Curious
    7.2 / 10
  • Discussion:

    hairy vagimas   (5)
    started by inspectorbush
    Category: Masturbators
    •   Mistress M.

      posts: Being bisexual, I can't stand performing oral on a girl that's hairy. However if that's what you...

      Dec 3, 4:07 am
  • Discussion:

    Back and accepting students again!   (2)
    started by Mistress M.
    Category: Review Program
    •   Mistress M.

      posts: After a break from Eden, I am back. That means I am ready to take on new students! Just send me a...

      Dec 3, 4:04 am
  • Poll:

    Women: Do you prefer oral or fingering?   (78)
    started by captainsgirl
    Category: Oral Sex Tips and Tricks
    •   Mistress M.

      votes: both

      Dec 3, 3:58 am
  • Follow-up review:

    Eden wild bunny with rotating beads review
    One Wild Ride, Courtesy of Edenfantasys
    by Mistress M., 1 day after original review
    •   Mistress M.

      writes: I still love this thing! It is a great toy and I will always go back to it if I want a rabbit. Give..."

      Dec 3, 3:48 am
  • Follow-up review:

    Flirty booty set review
    Perfect Booty Set
    by Mistress M., 18 months after original review
    •   Mistress M.

      writes: I still love this set. It is one that anyone can enjoy. It has really held up over tine, and I hope..."

      Dec 3, 3:45 am
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