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Bliss massager review: Blissful Heaven takes a miss? Bliss massager Overall, it's a good toy to use. It nestles perfectly into your hand, but if you are easily distracted then I don't recommend the toy. The lights vary according to speed and pulse and when you are trying to focus on your ... read review
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Naturals gel lubricant review: Not pleased Naturals gel lubricant Overall, I feel that being inexpensive as it is, it works wonderfully on the plastic toys when you're by yourself, or playing around with your partner. This is not a lube to use in the shower. read review
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Eden toy and body wipes review: Wish it was bigger Eden toy and body wipes The only complaint I have is the price of the product. It is very useful and convenient after time being with my partner or in the bedroom. If price doesn't matter, then by all means I recommend it! read review
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Sqweel 2 oral sex simulator review: Pleased Sqweel 2 oral sex simulator I don't think this is a toy that is an absolute must. I would personally buy something different. There are better products, and much smaller too. read review
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