Always Turned On's profile People take sex far too seriously but I'm not one of them! Always Turned On's profile en-us Copyright 2017 Web Merchants, Inc. all rights reserved. Fun With Chick & Jane review: Sixteen Hours of Orgasm! Fun With Chick & Jane Plenty of choice is provided in this collection, as long as you don't mind a little bit of repetitive themes and scenarios. read review
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Chemise with robe and thong set review: Happy birthday Hunny! Come unwrap your surprise. Chemise with robe and thong set This is a perfect addition to your closet to spice up a special occasion or a simple night at home. Women will love it and men won't be able to resist it. The silky feel will please everyone and the lace will turn up ... read review
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Wed, 19 Nov 2008 04:35:14 GMT
Crystal's jelly - G vibe review: Wait! What is that slimy stuff on my brand new toy? Crystal's jelly - G vibe Crystal's Jelly vibrator is compact and ready for travel. Only requiring two AA batteries makes it easy to use as well as the multi-speed control dial. However, the sticky and slimy film found on the toy when brand new ... read review
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Sat, 25 Oct 2008 00:03:39 GMT
Brea's toy review: Brea's toy sex toy review Brea's toy Strong vibrations bring this toy into a sturdy three star rating. It will be great for someone who needs that extra power behind his or her toy. The easy to clean surface and waterproof construction make it a good shower ... read review
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H2O lube review: Sliquid H2O review H2O lube The bottle states that it's made to mimic your own natural lubrication, and it seems to do just that. It really feels like having more of what your body already produces. Once the lube is in place you wouldn't even know ... read review
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Fabio my perfect cock review: Fabio my perfect cock sex toy review Fabio my perfect cock The thing I liked least about this toy is the girth. I know that is supposed to be considered a perk, but it really wasn't for me. Girth is important, but this was just too wide to enjoy on a regular basis. read review
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