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  • Product:

    Mantric Sysil edge
    Mantric Sysil edge
    Double ended dildo by Mantric
    Price: $89.99
    • Aoibheal

      says: I'm excited about this

  • Discussion:

    Cultural Appropriation   (10)
    started by Madeira
    Category: Social
    • Aoibheal

      posts: I think it is messed up Madeira. Cultural appropriation is cultural rape. There is no gentler yet...

    • Aoibheal

      writes: Decadent Indulgence lives up to it's name

  • Discussion:

    The Worst   (59)
    started by Rocky LaFemme
    Category: Oral Sex Tips and Tricks
    • Aoibheal

      posts: Honestly, I think men learn most of their bad habits from porn; then you have to re-educate them all...

  • Poll:

    Do you like to suck dick? (239)
    started by BuckeyeMan
    Category: Oral Sex Tips and Tricks
    • Aoibheal

      votes: Yes

  • Comparative discussion:

    Pheromones - What are your opinions. (118)
    started by Airekah
    Category: Other Toys
    • Aoibheal

      votes: I want to

    • Aoibheal

      posts: Drink some warm herb tea - not caffeinated. It loosens the throat and lubricates it. The most...

    • Aoibheal

      votes: Can fit my partners entire penis down my throat and fully thrust it in and out

  • Poll:

    Pegging by the numbers (99)
    started by Peg
    Category: The P-Spot Perch
    • Aoibheal

      posts: Several years ago, I once mentioned to my husband that I wish we cold trade bodies, so we could feel...

  • Review:

    This little darlin' runs forever!
    Impulse lighted mystic jewel review
    by Aoibheal
    • Aoibheal

      writes: This little darlin' runs forever!

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