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  • Just POUND it!
  • Well, here I am playing with toys and seeking new ways to boldly go where no penis has gone before! Finding new places for my dick to explore has become a great hobby.

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A place for men to take things into their own hands.

Place an order today and use the code G7F to get 15% off! Wow! Can you beat that?! Masturbation has been a favorite pastime of men throughout the centuries. While essentially all males engage in self-pleasure on a regular basis and perfect their techniques through years of manual labor practice, modern technology provides an ever-expanding array of tools (toys) that allow even the most experienced masturbator to discover new and indescribable ways to blow a load. So men, whether you're single or married and are seeking innovative ways to unwind, want to experience new sensations that will make you shutter in ecstasy, or are just want to explore new frontiers of self-stimulation, this store will provide resources that will let you see fireworks! Enjoy!

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