Cunning Linguist's profile Anxiously Awaiting Cunning Linguist's profile en-us Copyright 2018 Web Merchants, Inc. all rights reserved. Womanizer review: Good, but not great. There are better toys out there Womanizer I have two main concerns with this product: 1) For the price I do want guaranteed orgasms. 2) While you can move around moderately while using this product, it doesn't add to the experience. It possibly decreases the ... read review
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Eden vibrating silicone anal plug review: Ideal Beginner's Anal Toy Eden vibrating silicone anal plug This item is worth it. Anal play works when it is a comfortable enjoyable experience and this toy allows for that without the concerns of overstretching and initial discomfort. While I always use this toy in connection ... read review
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Impulse jack rabbit review: "Rabbits" Are A Girl's Best Friend Impulse jack rabbit I have to borrow a line from Bowflex® and say that this product 'simply produces results.' For individuals who have trouble having an orgasm alone or with others I always recommend this product 100% because I feel so ... read review
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