Augustus Certa's profile Carpet Matches Curtains Augustus Certa's profile en-us Copyright 2017 Web Merchants, Inc. all rights reserved. Fantasy bondage tape review: Freeform Bondage! Fantasy bondage tape This is a great addition to any kit. The general nature of this means it is so much less intimidating to an inexperienced partner, and it makes a great training material before moving to stronger and harder bindings. read review
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XXX Porn Star Portraits review: Look Who's Here XXX Porn Star Portraits A good book, but in the wide, wide world of erotic photography this only stands out as a curiosity. It is not particularly titillating, nor is it unique or creative enough to really be a necessary part of an art-centric ... read review
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Bo pleasure object review: My Girlfriend's New Beaux Bo pleasure object For the price this is one of the best rings you can get. I cannot imagine a situation where this won't pay for itself in good times and great stories. read review
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