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    • VieuxCarre

      posts: Well, since the message service is disabled for my account, I'll just put it here. I use a Mac and...

    • VieuxCarre

      posts: Just hope I don't have a virus on my computer now. It didn't do it the first link I clicked. The...

    • VieuxCarre

      posts: This is the email address the links came from: email@edenfantasys.nmp

    • VieuxCarre

      posts: Tried to "verify" a new email address and when I clicked the link, it brought me to the site and,...

    • VieuxCarre

      posts: I mean, unless you're all about shoving someone else's dildo in you. Then, by all means, shop away!

    • VieuxCarre

      posts: I just laughed so hard at this thread. Why would you want to put money into a company that is...

  • Poll:

    Easy Changes That Address Fred's Points (58)
    started by sexyscreenname
    Category: Suggestions
    • VieuxCarre

      posts: Something should have been done a long time ago, but they weren't in a financial crisis back then....

    • VieuxCarre

      posts: People did abuse the system and back when it launched a few years ago, we brought it to their...

  • Discussion:

    How do you feel about the "Point proposal"?   (69)
    started by snowminx
    Category: Program Changes & Announcements
    • VieuxCarre

      posts: Are points really that important to you that you would risk them releasing your personal information...

    • VieuxCarre

      posts: I want to know where the Hell people were when the abuse began and why they ignored it. See? This...

  • Review:

    Nothing Mini About It
    Fairy mini wand massager review
    by Tori Rebel
    • Tori Rebel

      writes: Nothing Mini About It

  • Follow-up review:

    In The Mood For Something Sweet?
    JO H2O flavored lubricant review
    by Tori Rebel, 22 months after original review
    • Tori Rebel

      writes: The initial bottle of JO lasted about six months in my 'active rotation'. After that I'd used the..."

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