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So glad to have found a mentor!
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    5 Unusual, Wierd or Fun Facts About Sex. Did you...   (12)
    started by js250
    Category: Sex in General
    • Ansley

      posts: Number three is a myth. You should check your sources.

    • Ansley

      posts: Which is like all if them cause you know your car aaccident and subsequent brain damage makes yoy an...

    • Ansley

      posts: Thank you.

    • Airen Wolf

      posts: I haven't weighed in, purposefully, but I will now. I have been here since the dust up with Essin'...

    • Ansley

      posts: Ha, I was wondering when the news would travel to you. :D I'm sure you've been having a rough go of...

    • Ansley

      posts: (hugs) Glad to hear it all turned out okay. That's some seriously scary stuff. I highly...

    • Ansley

      posts: So sorry to hear about your recent trials and tribulations. Real life always comes first, that's for...

  • Discussion:

    does anyone know who's taken over for Stormy?   (32)
    started by edeneve
    Category: Updates and feedback
    • Ansley

      posts: You are beyond ridiculous. What part of email Ilya do you not understand? There are four people left...

    • Ansley

      posts: He's simply dreamy and I luvs him a lot. :) And you're most welcome!

    • Ansley

      posts: As in the only person left to deal with you guys...Fred is way too busy and so is Rufina, they are...

    • Ansley

      posts: That's Antoneo. He's in customer service and is not trained on the ways of the community. Ilya is...

    • Ansley

      posts: I don't know why I'm bothering to answer this... [bold|Ilya is LITERALLY the only person left...

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  • I don't work here anymore. Please email Ilya with your questions. ilya@ef
  • My code is B69 Fitting, no?
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