joaker's profile Chomping at the bit joaker's profile en-us Copyright 2018 Web Merchants, Inc. all rights reserved. The Love I Owe You 52 love vouchers review: Pick a card, any card The Love I Owe You 52 love vouchers If you make your own rules (and agree to follow them through) this deck could help ignite some flames, so long as both parties are 100% willing. read review
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Jelly royales dong review: Seemed like a good idea Jelly royales dong What's your dildo requirement? Stick on a surface and slide on? This will work. Be worked in a more intimate situation? This is probably too much for both of you to handle. read review
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Proloonging cream review: One of many pretenders Proloonging cream This is one to figure with a committed partner. Don't try to use it as part of an initial encounter.

If you're able to say "hey, I'm going to rub this in" (rather than out) and have a partner willing to see what ... read review
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Crystal jellies anal starter review: For beginners Crystal jellies anal starter It's described as a beginner toy, and there's no doubt that's accurate. For a soft, simple, subtle entry to anal, this is a good option. For a more intense, flexible experience, look elsewhere. read review
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Magnum support plus single mag ring review: Man of Steel Magnum support plus single mag ring No vibration or other clitoral stimulators, this is designed to work physiologically, using its rubber ring to grip and the inner metal shape to remain in place. It works, either in front or behind the balls (behind is ... read review
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