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Sex and Pregnancy: Trimester Two by Lady J Sex and Pregnancy: Trimester Two My second trimester started out with a bang. Two, to be exact. read article

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Sex and Pregnancy: The First Trimester by Lady J Sex and Pregnancy: The First Trimester It's possible there are as many myths and misconceptions about sex and pregnancy as there are babies being born. So what's fact and what's fiction? In this three-part series, Lady J, as a part of her own pregnancy ... read article

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Obligatory Sex by Lady J Obligatory Sex Are there occasions when you owe your partner the obligation to have sex with them? read article

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A Partner's Past: How Much Do You Want to Know? by Lady J A Partner's Past: How Much Do You Want to Know? I know how many sexual partners are lurking in my husband’s past. I know one had MY first name. Another is heir to a well-known salad dressing fortune. I know he never contracted a sexually transmitted disease. This is ... read article

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Conception Sex by Lady J Conception Sex When you're trying to have a baby, you can take all your “preconceived” notions about the birds and the bees... and toss them out the window. read article

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Online Dateless by Lady J Online Dateless The sea of online love is vast, and there are a lot of fish in the ocean. If you don't want to wind up looking like a bottom feeder, you have to have to dangle the right bait. So, put away those night crawlers and read ... read article

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Sex Un-Educated by Lady J Sex Un-Educated For many who grew up in America public Sex Education did a lot more harm than good. When you’re taught that sex is not a recreational activity—unless you’re a disease-ridden whore—and condoms don’t work (if you have sex, ... read article

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G-Spots on Pluto by Lady J G-Spots on Pluto Scientists do many things in the name of progress. They seek cures for diseases; explore the nature of the universe, and the universe of nature. But sometimes, their findings can be flawed, faulty—or downright eff’d up. ... read article

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Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon... by Lady J Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon... While many women complain about the misfortunes and misadventures that go along with being well endowed, believe me when I tell you that we flat gals have our fair share of daily embarrassments and occasional calamities. read article

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Sexual Fluidity by Lady J Sexual Fluidity My first real girl crush didn’t occur until I was well into my 20s. Sure, I’d had my share of the typical and varied female relationships—female friends whom I loved like sisters, female rock stars I’d idolized, girls I ... read article

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Synching Up Your Sexual Clocks by Lady J Synching Up Your Sexual Clocks At 6:00 each morning, you are likely to find me out cold. My husband on the other hand, is most likely laying next to me, wide-awake, trying to cajole me into a daybreak quickie. At this time of day I am barely capable ... read article

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