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    • evanescentowl

      writes: Sliquid Organics: Naturally the Best

    • evanescentowl

      writes: Wicked For Men

    • evanescentowl

      rated the review

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    Mood Naughty Plugs   (10)
    started by anonkitty
    Category: Doc Johnson
    • evanescentowl

      posts: It shouldn't be out of stock everywhere. I can always find stuff that is out of stock on here on...

  • Discussion:

    Does this plug stay put during sex?   (11)
    started by looloo69
    Category: Vibrators
    • evanescentowl

      posts: Yes! It definitely does. For me, this is the only plug I can wear during penetration, and even that...

    • evanescentowl

      writes: A Plug That Sets the Mood for Anal

    • evanescentowl

      writes: Sassy? More Like Passé

  • Discussion:

    #AskEden is my privacy secure?   (11)
    started by SecretlySensuous
    Category: F.A.Q.
    • LoriandHubby

      posts: For those who are mourning the loss of EF, great news....

    • LoriandHubby

      posts: Actually, idk why i didn't think of that. True statements are that true. How can we be suede for...

    • LoriandHubby

      posts: thank you for clearing it up a bit. however, i have already stated publicly that i suspect receiving...

    • LoriandHubby

      posts: I for one am very concerned about this. All action I did were allowed. how can that be against...

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