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Lisset Finnien
Lisset Finnien
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  • Poll:

    When in anal play, do you prefer in and out...   (19)
    started by Mrs.R
    Category: Anal Sex
    •   SoloRebel

      posts: Been focusing a little more lately with in and out penetration; using just plugs. It’s been great!...

      Dec 12, 11:53 pm
    •   SoloRebel

      posts: I love the feeling of one time penetration and sitting and grinding on a plug, but lately I’ve...

      Nov 25, 3:05 am
    •   SoloRebel

      votes: I've only fantasized about it but never done it

      Dec 12, 11:15 pm
  • Poll:

    When plugged up, what do you like to do?   (12)
    started by SoloRebel
    Category: Anal Toys
    •   SoloRebel

      posts: (monkey) (beer) ! Solo is the way to go; especially if you want to really take your time, explore...

      Nov 25, 2:49 am
    •   SoloRebel

      posts: I see...my first poll; rookie mistake. I can’t re-open it; even if I change the date to a future...

      Nov 7, 9:52 pm
    •   SoloRebel

      posts: With all of the anal toy play discussions on here, I was curious as to what others prefer to do when...

      Nov 6, 12:15 am
  • Discussion:

    Am I weird???   (8)
    started by Jayandcay
    Category: Sex in General
    •   SoloRebel

      posts: After reading these posts, I’ll never look at the girl next to me in traffic the same :D .

      Nov 8, 1:35 am
    •   Lisset Finnien

      posts: That’s awesome! Lol

      Oct 8, 9:51 am
    •   Lisset Finnien

      posts: Yeah I want to tell someone sometimes too . I always have a secret smile on lol How are u...

      Oct 7, 3:53 am
    •   Lisset Finnien

      posts: You’re not the only one. I do it all the time. Who can pass on a quick “ “buzz”? I’ve always...

      Oct 5, 10:26 am
  • Poll:

    Which butt plug tail and ears would look the...   (10)
    started by Mistress Lizzie
    Category: Lingerie
    •   SoloRebel

      posts: A black fox tail with a white tip would be hot peeking from under the short maid skirt. Black...

      Nov 8, 1:21 am
  • Poll:

    How do you normally warm up for anal?   (22)
    started by xnxxmax
    Category: Anal Sex
    •   SoloRebel

      posts: Start with one, then two, then three fingers. Then put in a plug and you’re good for whatever after...

      Nov 8, 12:56 am
  • Discussion:

    Do any of you men ever get the urge to   (8)
    started by Love getting pegged
    Category: Prostate Pleasure & Strap-On Play
    •   SoloRebel

      posts: I’m certain that 99.9% of all the fellow straight guys out there that love being pegged, love being...

      Nov 8, 12:52 am
  • Poll:

    Ice in your butt: anyone tried it?   (73)
    started by bayosgirl
    Category: Anal Sex
    •   SoloRebel

      posts: Yes I have. That cold, shock sensation was kind of erotic. Needless to say, it melts pretty quick!

      Nov 8, 12:19 am
  • Poll:

    what type of stimulation gets you off?   (76)
    started by mrs.mckrakn
    Category: Personal Experiences
    •   SoloRebel

      votes: anal stimulation/penetration

      Nov 8, 12:10 am
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