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Durex Sensi Thin review: A slightly thinner, snugger rubber Durex Sensi Thin A good thin condom with silicone lube, and absolutely no latex smell. If you are packing a girthy package, you may want to pass on these as they are snug and may be a bit uncomfortable. read review
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Handjob Handbook review: Handjobs for Beginners Handjob Handbook If you're new to handjobs, this book might contain some helpful hints--otherwise, save your money to invest in a book that contains more information and more advanced techniques. While its wit and insight are appealing, ... read review
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Ella review: The Classiest Double-Sided Dildo in Existence Ella The Ella is a great choice for women who want quality and discretion. A silicone design that is beautiful and pleasurable is topped off with classy packaging. There are no bells, whistles, or vibrating parts, but it does ... read review
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Vibrating ergo ring review: Semi-Vibrating Ergo Bracelet Vibrating ergo ring Ladies, if your averaged sized man needs to be knocked down a peg or two, buy him this ring. Or, if your partner is packing a porn-star's penis and you enjoy some-assembly-required sex, you may enjoy it. Otherwise, keep ... read review
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Sliquid silver review: Sliquid Silver--A Silicone Answer to Your Lube Dilemma Sliquid silver Given my good experience with other Sliquid products, I was really looking forward to Sliquid Silver. The silicone lubricant lasts longer than most water based lubes. This lube probably won't do anything earth-shattering ... read review
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Smartballs review: The Most Enjoyable "Exercise" You'll Ever Have Smartballs I was impressed by my experience with Smart balls. They are totally comfortable and the movement of the balls is just stimulating enough to be enjoyable. I will definitely continue to use them. read review
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Wild G review: My First Rabbit Wild G I was pleasantly surprised by the Wild G. My approach to this vibrator was totally experimental, but I absolutely fell in love with it! The size might be intimidating, but it is totally manageable (and more importantly, ... read review
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Decadence G-spot review: Decadence G-Spot is Delightfully Discreet Decadence G-spot For my first vibrator, the Decadence G-Spot was a great choice. Because it is small and cute, it isn't intimidating at all; perfect for first timers. If you're looking for intense g-spot stimulation, this toy isn't for ... read review
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Swirl lube review: Sliquid Slide into Better Blowjobs Swirl lube If you are looking for a way to enhance oral sex, this lube is a great choice! The flavor is delightful, it isn't overpowering, and doesn't contribute to vaginal infections. Overall, a great lube for foreplay, but falls ... read review
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