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No Ruts Allowed: Tried and True Tips for Unlilting Passion by Sylvan No Ruts Allowed: Tried and True Tips for Unlilting Passion Has your sex life succumbed to the dreaded 3-letter word: Rut? Here are some tips to help keep your relationship in a permanent honeymoon phase! read article

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Sex While Fat: How I Learned to Accept my Body and You Can Too by Sylvan Sex While Fat: How I Learned to Accept my Body and You Can Too Being a fat chick can mean having a hard time feeling sexy and confident in the bedroom at times, or all the time, for some. Instead of trying to hide from your weight in hopes your man will ignore the elephant in the ... read article

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Confessions of a Wishful Prostitute by Sylvan Confessions of a Wishful Prostitute Is trading your body for money immoral? I don’t think so. In fact, I find the whole concept to be kind of hot! Let me tell you why. read article

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Lucid dream no. 32 review: Girl's Best Friend Lucid dream no. 32 While the Lucid Dream no. 32 won't perform its dual-stimulation functions properly for everyone, it does make for a great clit vibe. Its long lasting life and well built design makes this toy a winner. read review
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