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    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: Because pegging was my idea, I was determined to find a way to help her achieve orgasm(s) while...

      Oct 11, 3:10 pm
  • Poll:

    Pegging...love it or hate it?   (30)
    started by Robert Paulson
    Category: Prostate Pleasure & Strap-On Play
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: I think you will both find it quite a kick. As with anal sex for you - being on top to control the...

      Oct 11, 2:57 pm
  • Poll:

    Moaning? Screaming? Shhh… No sound at all? How...   (29)
    started by Lena Eden
    Category: Sex in General
    •   Gunsmoke

      votes: I’m a true man, and men don't make noises!

      Oct 11, 2:52 pm
  • Poll:

    Guys - your naughty fantasies?   (34)
    started by cgartman1989
    Category: Lingerie
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: Like wise we have a lot of fun but cosplay has never been our thing. Early on I spent a fortune on...

      Oct 11, 2:49 pm
  • Discussion:

    Nipple Sucking   (4)
    started by 20yearstogether
    Category: Personal Experiences
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: GingerAnn - my wife would say the same thing - she's about a G-cup. Breast stimulation has never...

      Oct 11, 2:44 pm
  • Discussion:

    Personal experiences   (8)
    started by Lisset Finnien
    Category: Personal Experiences
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: I posted this information on another thread - but since the question has come up 2x - I'll post it...

      Oct 8, 8:21 pm
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: Off the cuff - I'd say my wife's go to toy for a-spot stimulation is the Vixskin Maverick. It's got...

      Oct 8, 7:54 pm
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: Ok - here's the scoop as I have learned from research backed up by empirical results.(nerd) Who says...

      Oct 5, 8:39 pm
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: My wife had a similar experience in her 40s. She called it a 'revelation'. She decided that rather...

      Oct 4, 12:59 pm
  • Discussion:

    Clit hummer   (13)
    started by Lisset Finnien
    Category: Vibrators
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: I'll think about it. I need to see it action before I can really give it thorough review.(nerd)...

      Oct 8, 7:46 pm
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: Magnetic charging is called wireless charging in the cell phone world. You plug the device into an...

      Oct 5, 8:42 pm
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: Not a long wait - and the news is that she says it's fantastic(confetti) She says it's much...

      Oct 5, 12:03 am
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: Stay tuned, I just got my wife the newest Womanizer Premium. She's on a trip with instructions to...

      Oct 4, 1:01 pm
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: My wife absolutely loves her Womanizer Pro 40. (bliss) I've just upgraded her to the Womanizer...

      Sep 30, 6:59 pm
  • Poll:

    What plug material do you prefer and why?   (58)
    started by eri86
    Category: Materials
    •   Gunsmoke

      posts: Way back when I said I prefer silicone - but since then I've changed to glass. The glass is easy to...

      Oct 8, 7:40 pm
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