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    Carpe diem ;)
    5.4 / 10
  • Review:

    Prevail Is A Fail
    Love Candy by Kendra the Prevail review
    by Breas
    • sktb0007

      writes: Prevail Is A Fail

  • Review:

    Balls of Steel
    Nick Hawk kegel balls review
    by travelnurse
    • travelnurse

      writes: Balls of Steel

  • Contributor:

    Ms. N
    Ms. N
    6.1 / 10
    • SMichelle

      says: Oh, I love your suggestion of the new game! It's totally okay now to tell people to die, you know?...

    • SMichelle

      says: Well, I've been removed from editing, too. Both for SexIs and reviews. Taking screenshots of...

  • Discussion:

    How do you feel about the "Point proposal"?   (69)
    started by snowminx
    Category: Program Changes & Announcements
    • SMichelle

      posts: Don't forget all the posts ASKING "how many points can I earn a day?", and literally saying "OMG you...

    • SMichelle

      posts: Regarding your 1-- Yes. Remember, they changed it so that points cannot be used in full just...

    • SMichelle

      posts: I haven't read through this thread yet, but I am reading through the locked one now and I have so...

  • Poll:

    Point Reconsideration proposal. (110)
    started by Fred Petrenko
    Category: Program Changes & Announcements
    • SMichelle

      posts: Also -- " - publishing a large number of reviews in a short period of time; unless clear proof of...

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  • So... It was fairly okay. At least no fights broke out. *shrugs*
  • Finished my first review! Submitted to my mentor! Hopefully it is what she is looking for!
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