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The Anatomy of a Dry Spell by pandasauce The Anatomy of a Dry Spell The anatomy of a dry spell, and why you and everyone else's outlooks need to change. read article

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What His Condom Choice Says About Him by pandasauce What His Condom Choice Says About Him More accurate than a horoscope, more judgmental than US Magazine, and more wrapped in rubber than a set of rubber band balls, this is an easy to access guide to what you can learn about a partner when they pull a condom ... read article

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NGS: "Nice Guy Syndrome" by pandasauce NGS: "Nice Guy Syndrome" Folks, it’s time we all sat down and had a serious talk about “Nice Guy” syndrome.
Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then you have probably had the good fortune to never come across a man suffering from this specific ... read article

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Sex in Triplicate by pandasauce Sex in Triplicate Threesomes can be a controversial subject among couples, despite it being a very common fantasy. It’s not hard to see why bringing another person in could cause some serious friction in a relationship; after all, the ... read article

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Fantasies and Friends with Benefits: an Exploration in Communication by pandasauce Fantasies and Friends with Benefits: an Exploration in Communication Does casual sex have to change the way that you communicate fantasies with your partner? This is a look into answering that question from the perspective of a girl who thought she was the kinkiest girl in her cornfield ... read article

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