Pandora'sBox's profile If you look like you can be taken advantage of, don't act like it. Because then you will be. Pandora'sBox's profile en-us Copyright 2017 Web Merchants, Inc. all rights reserved. Cobra Libre II review: Twice the fun as the original! Cobra Libre II GREAT rechargeable toy for men. 100% waterproof, powerful, quiet, high-quality silicone and abs plastic, updated for easier use and couples play. read review
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JO organic lubricant review: Eco-friendly, very thick JO organic lubricant It does fulfill its claims of being good for healing and moisturizing, but the statements of it being slick and non-sticky are far from the truth. Technically it can be used as a massage lotion, but I wouldn't do that ... read review
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Pole Dancing: Not just for the club anymore! by Pandora'sBox Pole Dancing: Not just for the club anymore! "Pole-dancing" is a phrase that used to incite images of scantily-clad strippers swinging around a pole with wads of cash sticking out of their underwear. Maybe for some people it still does, but pole-dancing has been ... read article

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Wicked Wahine's comment I really liked your advice in the "My wife wants to cheat" thread! You sound so wise, I guess I was expecting someone older when I read your profile. Now I'm even more impressed and please don't take that to mean I ... read more

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Inspiration review: Bit of a disappointment Inspiration This product was a letdown because of the lack of instructions with it, the stiffness of the head, the size of the ring itself, and the loose packaging. However it wasn't a total loss due to the power of the mini-vibe. read review
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Sexy Piercings! Part 2: The Vertical Clitoral Hood by Pandora'sBox Sexy Piercings! Part 2: The Vertical Clitoral Hood A lot of people get this piercing confused with piercing of the actual clitoris. I assure you, piercing the hood and piercing the clitoris itself are two very different things. Piercing the clitoris itself is actually ... read article

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Lia G bliss vibe review: Bliss in Blue Lia G bliss vibe This is a great toy for women who like lots of different functions and small size rather than large. It's all-around a great massager for beginners or for veterans. read review
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Thu, 31 Jan 2013 22:14:07 GMT
A Cultivation of Sexual Myths by Pandora'sBox A Cultivation of Sexual Myths We've all heard our share of sex myths. The "you can't get pregnant the first time" myth, the "douching with Coke a Cola" myth, and the classic "you won't get pregnant with the girl on top" myth. But what about myths ... read article

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Bendable you too review: Good power, a little too big Bendable you too Overall I give this three stars because, while I did enjoy the strength and variations of the vibrations as well as ease of use and flexible design, I didn't get to use it as I was hoping I could. read review
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Mon, 07 Jan 2013 23:47:24 GMT
Sexy piercings part 1: Nipples! by Pandora'sBox Sexy piercings part 1: Nipples! Usually when the phrase "pierced nipples" comes up, it inspires cringing and thoughts of intense pain, and then loss of sensation. Well, I'm here to say that's not necessarily true. Nipple barbells can be aesthetically ... read article

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Petite oral sex candy spray review: Reminded me of Watermelon Tangy Taffy Petite oral sex candy spray A great flavor enhancer for oral sex. Non-staining, non-sticky, latex and toy friendly and smells delicious. The only downsides are the very mild taste and that it contains parabens. read review
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Seventeen Magazine and Body Image by Pandora'sBox Seventeen Magazine and Body Image Recently, Seventeen magazine posted a BMI calculator on its website. The BMI levels, when compared with the Center For Disease Control's levels, are extremely low. BMI is a very controversial subject, with disagreement ... read article

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Internet Safety Should Be For Everyone by Pandora'sBox Internet Safety Should Be For Everyone There is no doubt that technology definitely has come a very, very long way since the internet's humble beginnings and the silly, almost cartoon-like sounds of dial-up connections. The internet is something that can be ... read article

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Position Of The Day Playbook: Sex Every Day In Every Way review: Good for some fun, but not really 365 Position Of The Day Playbook: Sex Every Day In Every Way A book that boasts a different sex position for each day of the year. Gives the benefit of a rating system from "below average" to "Woah!" and shows how many calories each person burns for each position. Unfortunately ... read review
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Thu, 29 Nov 2012 12:48:48 GMT
Beyond seven review: Pretty Decent Standard Condom Beyond seven Sheerlon condom with light lubrication. Slightly more snug than name-brand condoms, but that may be something positive for some users. read review
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Wed, 21 Nov 2012 00:58:13 GMT
Why AIDS is Still a Big Deal by Pandora'sBox Why AIDS is Still a Big Deal I've heard a lot of people say, "AIDS just isn't a big deal anymore." Thinking on this, and the approximate 34 million people who are living with it worldwide (and that's just the people who KNOW they have it), I want to ... read article

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Trojan stimulations twisted review: Not Much of a Difference at All. Trojan stimulations twisted Condoms with specialized, twisted tips and ribbed at the base. The tip is supposed to create an added sensation for wearer and receiver, but an overall disappointment. read review
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Thu, 15 Nov 2012 16:14:47 GMT
Trojan pleasures fire & ice review: Tingly fun! Trojan pleasures fire & ice This is a specialized condom with two types of lubricants, cooling and warming, on the insides and outsides. The friction increases sensations caused by both lubricants. read review
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Thu, 15 Nov 2012 15:56:32 GMT
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Position sex bible review: Incredible position book from the simple to the advanced! Position sex bible It is a great little book of sex positions with 13 different sections including foreplay, toys, and swings. It is complete with a checklist in the back. Great for poses ranging from simple to advanced. read review
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ID juicy lube review: Sweet and Tasty, but sticky ID juicy lube Sweet and tangy flavored lubricant with a pleasant smell. Unfortunately, it also must be re-applied often because of evaporation from friction. read review
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Mon, 12 Nov 2012 02:49:36 GMT
Platinum silicone lubricant review: All the Greatness of Silicone-Base With No Leaks! Platinum silicone lubricant It's a fantastic, super-smooth, silicone-based lubricant that will last a long time in a bottle that won't leak when turned sideways. read review
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Mon, 12 Nov 2012 02:26:38 GMT
ID millennium review: Long Lasting and Feels Great! ID millennium Ultra-silky silicone-based lubricant that will last you a really long time, just be careful not to store it sideways or the bottle will leak! read review
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iRabbit vibrator review: Fun as Long as it Functions iRabbit vibrator This is an interesting product that can either be fun or painful, depending on the user's preference for size. Enjoyable clitoral stimulator and multiple speeds with option of duel or single stimulation. read review
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