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  • Discussion:

    Nipplegasm suggestions...   (17)
    started by Lena Eden
    Category: Toys and Equipment
    •   Cinnyree

      posts: Ok so this post has me baffled. I am a 36ddd, I was a 34d before kids. My nipples are beyond...

      Nov 6, 8:09 pm
  • Review:

    High rise panties with garters review
    All in one panty
    by Trysexual
    •   Trysexual

      writes: All in one panty

      Nov 5, 9:13 am
  • Discussion:

    It's Black November Sale!   (3)
    started by Lena Eden
    Category: Holidays, Events, & Special Occasions
    •   wrecklesswords

      posts: Yay!! That's awesome because I'm really wanting to buy myself a nice present! Not sure if I should...

      Nov 3, 3:19 pm
  • Review:

    Hot criss-cross panty red queen size review
    Red Hot Bottoms
    by wrecklesswords
    •   wrecklesswords

      writes: Red Hot Bottoms

      Nov 3, 12:30 pm
  • Review:

    Crystal laced G dual waterproof vibrator review
    Flexisoft rabbit
    by Trysexual
    •   Trysexual

      writes: Flexisoft rabbit

      Nov 3, 9:23 am
  • Follow-up review:

    Crystal magic review
    Variety pack for newbies
    by Trysexual, 10 months after original review
    •   Trysexual

      writes: This is not a kit I would seek out. It's fine for a beginner who is curious, but there are nicer..."

      Nov 3, 9:07 am
  • Follow-up review:

    Bunny tail plug review
    Hip Hop
    by Trysexual, 11 months after original review
    •   Trysexual

      writes: This wasn't really my kinda thing, so I never really got attached to it. Nothing to complain about..."

      Nov 3, 9:05 am
  • Poll:

    Talking about favorite lingerie ;)   (16)
    started by Lena Eden
    Category: Lingerie
    •   Checkmate

      votes: I’m a male

      Nov 2, 11:31 am
    •   Checkmate

      votes: I prefer garterbelt & stockings

      Nov 2, 11:31 am
    •   Checkmate

      votes: I choose Corsets & Bustiers

      Nov 2, 11:31 am
  • Review:

    Hemp rope review
    Lots of hemp!
    by RockDoc
    •   Kayla

      rated the review

      Oct 31, 7:17 pm
  • Contributor:

    Starlight Requiem
    Starlight Requiem
    Vae Victis
    8.3 / 10
  • Poll:

    How did you get your first sex toy, and what was...   (44)
    started by ReverieReviews
    Category: Personal Experiences
    •   Cinnyree

      posts: All sex toys and accessories that I own have come from this site. I have gone to Pure Romance...

      Oct 24, 5:13 pm
    •   Cinnyree

      votes: I bought it myself online

      Oct 24, 4:58 pm
    •   AmethystQueen

      posts: I first got into sex toys after reading about them from other people in a forum like this and...

      Aug 17, 3:42 pm
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