SuperStar12's profile SuperStar12's profile en-us Copyright 2017 Web Merchants, Inc. all rights reserved. Belladonna's pocket pussy review: WW working on this!! Stroking fun Belladonna's pocket pussy This product is more affordable than a Fleshlight while being extremely lightweight and durable. It's sexy, low maintenance and is great for the value-minded fan of solo-play. I wish there were more products like this! read review
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Talk dirty to me Tori Black review: Ninja Erotica Talk dirty to me Tori Black I consider this CD to be a cross between hard and soft core porn. The CD is long enough, longer than average sex lasts, so you can fantasize all day on her moaning alone. This product works for all. You can picture that ... read review
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ID sensation warming liquid review: The Glue Lube ID sensation warming liquid This item is not worth it. It's very weird in a bad way, and the formula to make used to make lube could not bring me to orgasm. If you have any questions, I do respond in the comment box. read review
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Trojan ultra thin lubricated review: Trojan Quality Trojan ultra thin lubricated It's a condom, so what's not to love? Do it safe, and trust in Trojan. Condoms have so many uses. read review
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Lady original review: Amazing orgasm for guys Lady original I think it's a great deal. I bought mine a while back, so I paid a pretty penny for mine. Don't just take my word for it, buy it for yourself. read review
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