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Rainbow Boy
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    • DeliciousSurprise

      says: I have! I'm very intrigued what other toys might have a similar (perhaps less intense!) sensation.

      Jan 19, 1:54 pm
    • DeliciousSurprise

      writes: Goofy name, but this toy isn't playing.

  • Poll:

    Do You Use Protection? (16)
    started by christyfuntime89
    Category: Sex in General
    • Kim!

      posts: We have been married for 7 years and are monogamous. We actually just wrapped up the trying part of...

    • Kim!

      votes: I never protect myself against STD's.

  • Discussion:

    Question for the ladies regarding penis sleeves   (9)
    started by RyM08
    Category: Other Toys
    • MeliPixie

      posts: Hi, thank you so much for giving us this update! I am so glad you decided to talk to her about this....

    • MeliPixie

      posts: Hi, I'm sorry you're feeling worried about this. So here are my humble thoughts. I doubt that your...

  • Product:

    Pearl charmer rimming plug
    Pearl charmer rimming plug
    Vibrating anal plug by EdenFantasys
    Price: $60.00
    Save 50%
    Anal Sex Position kit
    • NonNewtonianBisexual

      rates: 4 stars

    • Mistress Kitty

      votes: I have been examined by a DR of opposite sex but have never gotten turned on

  • Review:

    Smaller Than Expected
    Doggie pussy and ass review
    by Mistress Kitty
    • Mistress Kitty

      says: Thank you OH&W, Lovebears!

    • Mistress Kitty

      writes: Smaller Than Expected

  • Discussion:

    Love Day Contest <3   (37)
    started by Lena Eden
    Category: Holidays, Events, & Special Occasions
    • MeliPixie

      posts: Haha, you guys will be the first to know XD We tried it first without ine because the toy he got me...

    • MeliPixie

      posts: Well everyone, I am currently IN the biggest love of my life. This is going to be long, so please...

  • Contributor:

    5.2 / 10
    • ~LaUr3n~

      says: It would not let me message you back But the answer to your question is "Now?...

  • Product:

    Strapless strap-on by Fun Factory
    Price: $105.99
    • MeliPixie

      says: I really wish this toy would be included in sales like it used to be

  • Review:

    High Rise G-String
    Lace low rise G-string review
    by Jul!a
    • MeliPixie

      says: Excellent review I just wrote one myself but after reading yours mines feels...

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