JennieInTechnicolour's profile Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things JennieInTechnicolour's profile en-us Copyright 2017 Web Merchants, Inc. all rights reserved. Glamour goddess review: Goddess indeed! Glamour goddess Do you want to feel like a sex goddess? Do you want to celebrate that fine booty of yours the way it deserves to be celebrated? These panties, while needing some gentle care due to the lace, will give you just the sexy ... read review
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Your "Flaws" are not Flaws by JennieInTechnicolour Your "Flaws" are not Flaws You know we've reached a very low-point once companies begin making products that make our armpits fit to wear sleeveless shirts. Our armpits? Seriously? We live in such a bizarre era. We've grown up to be ashamed of ... read article

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Crystal jellies anal starter review: Great for beginners! Crystal jellies anal starter As someone new to the world of anal toys, I am extremely pleased with this toy. The flexible material makes it very easy to insert, and very comfortable to maneuver. As a beginner, I was worried about soreness, but this ... read review
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