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JO H2O lubricant review: Goes on like a water base, lasts like a silicone!!! https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-reviews/sex-lubricants/goes-on-like-a-water-base-lasts-like-a-silicone https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-reviews/sex-lubricants/goes-on-like-a-water-base-lasts-like-a-silicone#ReviewId-33883 JO H2O lubricant System JO H2O gives the flexibility of a water base lubricant, which can be used with all types of toy materials and sexual penetration while giving the silky smooth feeling of a silicone lubrication. This lubricant only ... read review
Category: Water based lubricants
Mon, 12 Sep 2011 17:46:30 GMT
Adam's pleasureskin cock review: Lot of Adam for Lots of Pleasure https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-reviews/dildos/lot-of-adam-for-lots-of-pleasure https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-reviews/dildos/lot-of-adam-for-lots-of-pleasure#ReviewId-33754 Adam's pleasureskin cock For hands-free fun I don't think you will find a better product for the money. Adam will put an "O" in your orgasm! read review
Category: Realistic dildos
Fri, 09 Sep 2011 15:14:26 GMT