Smokedawg's profile Kink Savant Smokedawg's profile en-us Copyright 2017 Web Merchants, Inc. all rights reserved. Happy MILF Day? by Smokedawg Happy MILF Day? So, with Mother’s Day behind us (that would be the second Sunday of May) but the month in which it falls still with us, perhaps we need to roll out a MILF Day? Or make plans for one beginning next year? I mean, we have ... read article

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Tue, 04 Jun 2013 04:39:15 GMT
Our Path to a Plethora of Porn by Smokedawg Our Path to a Plethora of Porn Porn has been with us a long time. Not as long as sex and masturbation, of course, because humans discovered that long before they got the hang of cave art. But once they started finding cozy homes in caves and stuff to ... read article

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Tue, 23 Apr 2013 17:11:01 GMT
Busting Yourself Out of the Restraints by Smokedawg Busting Yourself Out of the Restraints One of the earliest pieces of advice we get in life—whether from our parents, teachers, books or even a sappy sitcom or crappily animated cartoon show—is that “you should be yourself.” It’s an excellent piece of ... read article

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Let’s Not Make a Big Deal About This, OK? by Smokedawg Let’s Not Make a Big Deal About This, OK? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. For big rewards, you have to be willing to take big risks. No one got ahead by playing it safe… read article

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Thu, 21 Feb 2013 09:47:27 GMT
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Your Cheatin’ Heart … Or Is It? by Smokedawg Your Cheatin’ Heart … Or Is It? Life is lived almost exclusively in the gray zone. Things are rarely completely black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. Yet despite the very obvious fact that almost nothing is absolute and “morality” is often very ... read article

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Ayumi's comment I like the approach you took to your Kink vs. Fetish article. I may not agree 100% with everything, but it is clear that you thought out different ways to lay out your argument and simply the terminology for people who ... read more

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Kink vs. Fetish by Smokedawg Kink vs. Fetish You say “toe-may-toe,” maybe I say “toe-mah-toe.” read article

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Loriandhubby's comment Hello,. I am having a blast writing my articles Confessions of a Stripper. After a bit of arm twisting by a dear Eden friend, I have entered my last series "The Champagne Room Unveiled" in ... read more

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Coming Out, Letting Out by Smokedawg Coming Out, Letting Out There are reasons to put things in bottles. Really, there are. But usually, we're talking about something to drink, or a message to send out on the waves and tides, or multicolored layers of sand to make a pretty ... read article

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The “O” Isn’t Always All by Smokedawg The “O” Isn’t Always All I’m a huge fan of orgasms. Huge. Hell, I’m a damn groupie. I’ll pursue orgasms like deadheads used to follow the Grateful Dead—and then Phish after Jerry Garcia died. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who likes the ... read article

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Kink: Convenient and Cost-Effective by Smokedawg Kink: Convenient and Cost-Effective So we talked about household items that can stand in for kink toys. But what about the festishes you can't replace with a ping pong paddle? read article

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Real Men Eat Pussy—and Kiss Ass by Smokedawg Real Men Eat Pussy—and Kiss Ass I don't believe that all things must be equal in a sexual relationship—few things in life in general, much less in any kind of human relationship, are truly equal. We all have ways in which we intentionally or ... read article

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Own Your Body—All of It by Smokedawg Own Your Body—All of It These days, a great number of people will probably say it takes a huge fool of a man to tell women what to do with their bodies. Ladies, I'm going to be just that kind of fool right now. read article

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Respect for the Small Soldier by Smokedawg Respect for the Small Soldier I am asking you today to give a respectful salute to a soldier who has gone on many a mission, sometimes grueling and even dangerous ones, to bring pleasure to couples, threesomes and moresomes in whatever rooms we may ... read article

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Ivy Wilde's comment I really appreciated your article on women's rights. I was surprised to find out you were a man. Sadly, most men I've known don't really seem to care that much about women's rights.  

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Boot Camp for Foot Fetishes? Seminar for Golden Showers? by Smokedawg Boot Camp for Foot Fetishes? Seminar for Golden Showers? If you stay together with someone long enough in a loving relationship with sex involved, I figure you will eventually run up against one of those “surprise moments.” read article

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Dressed for Sex-less by Smokedawg Dressed for Sex-less Culture dictates that women dress all sexy-like to tantalize and entice their men when they’re headed to bed. The fellas? Not so much. read article

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Mon, 09 Jul 2012 14:12:35 GMT
Smokedawg’s Adventures in Wanking Part 3: Time to Play With the Toys by Smokedawg Smokedawg’s Adventures in Wanking Part 3: Time to Play With the Toys Men and toys. Sometimes, they fear them. read article

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Fri, 06 Jul 2012 17:36:20 GMT
Smokedawg’s Adventures in Wanking Part 2: Viscosity’s Better Than Friction by Smokedawg Smokedawg’s Adventures in Wanking Part 2: Viscosity’s Better Than Friction I’m sure someone will cringe at my headline and think, “This man has no idea what the hell viscosity is; it describes the level of friction in a fluid, so it can’t be better than friction. It’s a kind of friction!” read article

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Smokedawg’s Adventures in Wanking Part 1: A Hand’s Best Friend by Smokedawg Smokedawg’s Adventures in Wanking Part 1: A Hand’s Best Friend I’ve never lived or worked on a farm, but I’ve choked many a chicken. Never played one of those Indian flutes while wearing a turban, but I’ve charmed a snake thousands of times. Never worked at a BDSM-friendly water ... read article

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Toothsome Sex and Biting Satire by Smokedawg Toothsome Sex and Biting Satire I’ve never really been all that keen on telling people in anger or irritation to bite me. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’ve always known deep down it didn’t make much sense. After all, the implication tends to be ... read article

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#ExpressLove - Into the Deep End in Our Open Swim by Smokedawg #ExpressLove - Into the Deep End in Our Open Swim So, how does an open relationship begin? And is it just a case of “Hi, we’re swingers.” and you’re having sex with someone else? Here’s Smokedawg’s story. read article

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Size Matters by Smokedawg Size Matters I’ve been hearing a lot about the fat acceptance movement. Many people are touting it, and it seems that if you suggest that many people in the United States (and elsewhere, especially in the Western world) are ... read article

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Oh, Beautiful You—It Doesn’t Take Much Work by Smokedawg Oh, Beautiful You—It Doesn’t Take Much Work I’m not going to be a jackass and say that being beautiful is easy. Few things worth doing in life are easy. But it doesn't take nearly as much work as you might think. Well, in my opinion, anyway. All guys might not ... read article

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Sliding Backwards by Smokedawg Sliding Backwards How have we slipped so far so fast, with perhaps more backsliding to come? On the face of it, that doesn't make sense, even with so many cranky and fascist old white guys in leadership positions in the local, state and ... read article

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