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    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Thanks for the review. We'll all human and most enjoy sex. So are we all " pervs ? No just honest...

      5:15 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      rated the review

      5:12 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Nice review, thanks

      5:11 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      rated the review

      5:11 pm
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    Lingerie: Which is sexier?   (47)
    started by StarFire
    Category: Sex in General
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Lol, my silly husband even gets excited from seeing my sexy undies (LOL) while taking them out of...

      5:05 pm
  • Poll:

    Wider or Longer: Anal Toys   (53)
    started by TheToyGuy
    Category: Anal Toys
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Imo, stretch gradually w a dildo, then larger dildo. However ones got to know their limitations....

      5:00 pm
  • Discussion:

    Splish Splash...   (5)
    started by Gunsmoke
    Category: Better Orgasms Every Day
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Standing ? A longer dildo will take care of that. Might be time to look into the almighty Hoss.

      4:52 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Perhaps experiment by no intake of liquids for 8-10 hrs or longer ( if think safe) and hv her try...

      Aug 16, 5:21 pm
  • Discussion:

    titti loving!   (10)
    started by mrs.mckrakn
    Category: Sex in General
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: I, too are on the smaller size :( but I love it when he licks and plays with them. (inlove)

      4:35 pm
  • Discussion:

    How do I make my wife orgasm more often?   (2)
    started by Sex Guy
    Category: Personal Experiences
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: For some gals, it's all about the little love button, CLIT, buddy. Lick it , vibrate it , rub it....

      4:28 pm
  • Poll:

    Do you ever masturbate with your spouse?   (57)
    started by CS2012
    Category: Spicing up a Marriage
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Playing with my clit is my favorite. He prefers to watch what he calls " dildo action "

      10:50 am
  • Poll:

    Vibrators and Dildos: Rotation vs thrusting   (48)
    started by eri86
    Category: Vibrators
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: ;O oh no ! Which alley (upset) knowing you, could be door number (blush) (congrats)

      Yesterday, 7:38 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Do you mean one of those electric powered never ending thrusting machines? The ones where one's Iegs...

      Aug 9, 2:25 pm
  • Discussion:

    You have $200 to spend. What toy(s) would you buy?   (8)
    started by wicked48
    Category: Dildos
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Well, well, what did you get (idea) Or how about some clues ? I love to play hangman (congrats)

      Aug 16, 5:26 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Your very welcomed. (congrats)

      Aug 4, 8:02 pm
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