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Melt warming lubricant review: An all natural feel? Melt warming lubricant This item is definitely worth a good try. I personally think that $14.99 is a little much for a warming lubricant, but the fact that this product is organic and vegan makes it a little more special. Especially if you ... read review
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Waterproof turbo glider blueberry bliss review: Blueberry Bliss..No Give, No Fun. Waterproof turbo glider blueberry bliss As a summary of my time with this toy, I would say that it was not the toy for me. The loud obnoxious noise, and the hard plastic material with no give at all, was not what I was looking for. The benefits of waterproof, ... read review
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Butterfly kiss review: Butterfly Kisses, Dual Fun! Butterfly kiss To sum it all up that Butterfly Kiss is a good inexpensive toy. Batteries last a while, providing several good uses before it slows down. There are no odd odors and no color changes over time. There are only three ... read review
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Dual bullets from Doc Johnson review: Small and plain, but not too bad Dual bullets from Doc Johnson I'd have to say that these cheaply priced dual bullets are a good buy. It's not the best thing to buy, but when on a budget it's definitely the go-to. read review
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