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50 Shades of Singapore by The Bloggess 50 Shades of Singapore Recently Singapore banned Fifty Shades of Grey from their libraries, which started up sort of an amazing collection of erotica as if censored by the government. It was awesome and I have to share: read article

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Top Ten Things We Don’t Need by The Bloggess Top Ten Things We Don’t Need A friend of mine sent me a picture of a piano she saw and I was all “Nice piano,” until I looked a little closer and realized it was a VAGINA PIANO. read article

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If Star Wars was remade, ala 50 Shades of Grey by The Bloggess If Star Wars was remade, ala 50 Shades of Grey Yesterday, I was watching Star Wars for the 8,000th time and I realized that with a little creative trimming and some strong imagination, Star Wars could make some pretty great erotica. Better than 50 Shades of Grey, at ... read article

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Porn Typos by The Bloggess Porn Typos It’s important to use proper grammar and punctuation even in pornography. I’ve created some examples to show you why: read article

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The Bloggess takes on Cosmo. Everyone loses. by The Bloggess The Bloggess takes on Cosmo.  Everyone loses. Sometimes when I can’t think of a good topic to write about for my sex column I just turn to Cosmo, the holy grail of sex talk. I choose a headline at random and I try to write the article based on my personal knowledge ... read article

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Things That Make People Feel Sexy by The Bloggess Things That Make People Feel Sexy This month the writers of SexIs are focusing on the things that make people feel ready for sex. I decided to just focus on the difference between men and women using a purely stereotypical but strangely realistic ... read article

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Totally (In)Appropriate Valentines for Your Valentine by The Bloggess Totally (In)Appropriate Valentines for Your Valentine In order to prepare for Valentine’s The Bloggess shares with us some of the worst and most awesome cards you can give out. Feel free to print and use on people you’d like to never see again or who have very good senses ... read article

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Thoughts During Terrible Sex by The Bloggess Thoughts During Terrible Sex Once again, twitter has gone crazy with the bad sex trends and has basically written my column for me. This time there were a few gems worthy of sharing and a whole lot of shit that makes me glad I’m not single. read article

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Laura Ingalls is Incredibly Unsexy by The Bloggess Laura Ingalls is Incredibly Unsexy In a few weeks my sister and I are throwing an anniversary party for my parents. My parents are just as odd as I am so we decided to do an old West-Little-House-On-The-Prairie-style party at a Texas fort, complete with ... read article

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Top Ten Strangest Things for January by The Bloggess Top Ten Strangest Things for January Every month, tons of strangers send me links to things that cannot be unseen. Then I carefully curate a list of the most WTF links that you probably need to know just to be able to keep up with popular culture ... read article

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For the love of God. Let my vagina sleep. by The Bloggess For the love of God.  Let my vagina sleep.  read article

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Top 10 Strangest Things People Have Sent Me For November by The Bloggess Top 10 Strangest Things People Have Sent Me For November Every month, well-meaning strangers send me a myriad of bizarre links because they want to scare me into never having sex again. Or possibly because they know that I write a sex column and they know that I’m always ... read article

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I See What You Did There by The Bloggess I See What You Did There Once again twitter has helped me to write my sex column, as “GamesToDescribeSex” quickly became a twitter topic. Some were stupid. Some were confusing. Some were awesome and pretty damn creative. read article

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Oh, Grampa by The Bloggess Oh, Grampa When my grandfather died he left me partial ownership of a used tractor. read article

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Top Ten Strangest Things Sent To Me This Month by The Bloggess Top Ten Strangest Things Sent To Me This Month Each month I’m flooded with people sending me links to things that make me question my sanity. Then I pass it on to you. Much like "The Ring." Except no one dies. Probably. read article

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Lickable Lollie's comment I also love your articles! You bring a nice comic relief to some things that people are uncomfortable with, and really shouldn't be.  

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iwantyouwantingme's comment I LOVE your articles, you are insanely funny. And all your thoughts about the calories in semen, hell Im working them off just by laughing from your articles, what a way to keep the weight off. Thanks [smile | 5 | ... read more

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A Boob By Any Other Name... by The Bloggess A Boob By Any Other Name... Occasionally twitter writes my posts for me. Today was one of those days. read article

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It’s Like A Christmas Story. But With Vaginas. by The Bloggess It’s Like A Christmas Story.  But With Vaginas. You know when you get a popsicle right out of the freezer and it’s so cold that it sticks to your lip and you panic for a second because it’s so stuck to your mouth that you’re afraid it’s going to rip the skin off? read article

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Top Ten Strangest Things People Sent Me For September by The Bloggess Top Ten Strangest Things People Sent Me For September Every month friends and strangers send me links to baffling, bewildering and often-times hilarious links they can’t share with anyone else. And then I share them with you. That’s how the circle of life goes. read article

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