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Duotone orgasm balls review: GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!!!! Duotone orgasm balls I feel that if you are looking to tighten up, this would be an outstanding toy to use. The person I feel would benefit from this toy the most is a woman who has given birth. Using these while doing Kegels is an optimal ... read review
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Pirates Stoya's deep sea adventure review: Shiver me timbers!!!!!!! Pirates Stoya's deep sea adventure To me I feel that there could be a few tweaks made to this toy such as the size of the skull and the placement of the bullet located within for the clitoral stimulator. Now I am all there for a larger size vibrator but ... read review
Category: G-spot vibrators
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Silly rider review: Silly Rabbit Tricks are for Kids!! Silly rider I cannot rave about this toy enough! It is like having my own personal ride to pleasure-ville that I never want to get off of. California Exotics really out did themselves with this one and I personally don't see how ... read review
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Wendy Williams anal trainer kit review: You put this where? Wendy Williams anal trainer kit Wow, what can I truly say? This product is totally awesome, and if you are a beginner or just breaking into anal play again, I strongly suggest that you get this. It will help put your mind and anus at ease! I actually ... read review
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Red Hot Touch: A Head-to-Toe Handbook for Mind-Blowing Orgasms review: SAY WHAT? Red Hot Touch: A Head-to-Toe Handbook for Mind-Blowing Orgasms In closing I would just like to say that this book is totally worth it for the rookies of sex. If you are a seasoned veteran and just want a little bit of a brush up, I would say go for it or you might want to go with ... read review
Category: Educational and Informative
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Bionic bullet review: A lil' purple pill with a different kind of high!!! Bionic bullet The Bionic Bullet has some very wonderful qualities that I feel everyone should have the right to experience. The controls of this product are easy enough to understand that the most unexperienced of players can use it. ... read review
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Emerald studs arouser review: If you want a wow factor this is it! Emerald studs arouser The Emerald Studs Arouser is a very easy toy to use and has many different levels of vibration. Although it is not a very discreet toy, it is very pleasurable. I personally have other toys that are a lot quieter but ... read review
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