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    Good started power box
    ePlay electro-stim controller review
    by married with children
    • married with children

      says: we played with this some more, and the power fluctuates a lot, even with brand new batteries. I am...

    • married with children

      writes: Good started power box

    • married with children

      says: welcome. Hope it was helpful.

    • married with children

      writes: more like semi sweet.

  • Discussion:

    (girls) Do you like it when a guy slaps your ass...   (74)
    started by kaykay0427
    Category: Sex in General
    • Bignuf

      posts: Same with our relationship. We just don't get it, but if others enjoy it, more power to them.

    • Bignuf

      posts: Is it stimulating? Is it controlling? Honest, I don't get it and would love to hear WHY you love it?...

    • Bignuf

      posts: I hate it too, however, it only happened with a date long, long ago, and no man since ever did that....

  • Poll:

    Did anyone else see the episode of CBS "Sunday",... (61)
    started by Bignuf
    Category: Trans* Talk
    • Bignuf

      posts: THANK YOU. I don't comment on ANYTHING here anymore, unless it is something I directly participate...

  • Poll:

    For those who have been here as shoppers for a... (24)
    started by Bignuf
    Category: Vibrators
    • Bignuf

      posts: That is the one feature that first caught our attention, then made us real fans of EF for toy...

    • Bignuf

      posts: Sadly that seems true. Not sure why such a change in inventory.

    • Bignuf

      posts: Good point, but in some cases, folks will still play on the forum, but just not shop here. I guess...

    • Bignuf

      votes: This was, and is, my prime adult toy source.

    • Bignuf

      posts: Have you been a loyal EF shopper in the past and have moved on, or do you still consider this your...

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