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A closer look

Black foot shaped paddle with interchangeable top made from polyurethane leather.

How it feels

Made from durable and seductive faux-leather

Texture: Smooth

Safety features: Phthalates free

Color: Black

Special Features: Interchangeable top

How it measures

Weight: 2.5 oz

Wide 2" paddle for bigger spanking surface

Length: 7"

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Catalog ID: SS77004

  • Great sting when used. Perfect crop for genital torment.

  • This is a quality topper to add to your Crop Top System. It is fun, well made and can deliver quite a surprisingly great sting! It is perfect for the foot fetishist in your life or for those playful moments.

  • This is very much for the top/dom/domme with a good sense of humor. It's a very funny crop, but gods does it ever have a strong bite for it's size. The idea of the Interchangeable Crop Top System is wonderful. Can't wait to play with more of them.

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