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Curve kitharness and g-spot dildo set

Curve kit
The Curve Kit is a one-stop kit of a good harness and dildo for almost any use, whether you're a novice or more experienced. The Tantus Curve is an excellent dildo, easy to insert and providing strong (but not too strong) G/P spot stimulation, and the Latigo Leather harness provides a solid, easy-to-adjust foundation for strap-on fun.
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    One size fits the most
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    One size fits the most
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    1 1/2"
    1 lb
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The Curve Kit is a one-stop kit of a good harness and dildo for almost any use, whether you're a novice or more experienced. The Tantus Curve is an excellent dildo, easy to insert and providing strong (but not too strong) G/P spot stimulation, and the Latigo Leather harness provides a solid, easy-to-adjust foundation for strap-on fun.


Good, secure harness paired with a good general-purpose dildo.


Difficult to change dildos while wearing, O-ring can pull a bit when straps are pulled tight.

Best use:

Tantus harness kits combine an excellent dildo with a good harness, and the Curve Kit is no exception. It combines two winners: the Tantus Curve dildo and the Sportsheets Latigo Leather harness.

This is a good kit for anyone who is interested in strap-on play, has a bit of experience with dildos (especially if you're using it for anal sex), and wants to buy a single kit that combines a good harness and an excellent dildo that works well with it.

The Latigo Leather harness is a good value harness that will fit most people securely, and the Tantus Curve is an excellent mid-range dildo good for vaginal or anal use. Whether you're interested in a harness setup for vaginal sex, or a harness setup for anal sex/pegging, or one that will work for both (the Curve is easy-clean and sterilizable!) the Curve Kit deserves a look.
  • Material:

    The Latigo Leather harness is made of matte black nylon webbing, with black fasteners, 1-1/2" rubber O-ring and leather back pad. This rhapsody in black is punctuated by the four silver snaps that attach the O-ring to the harness, blazing in the blackness like a conjunction of planets. Were it not for the leather pad, this harness would be vegan. With the pad removed, this harness is completely waterproof, the only care needed is to ensure the snaps can dry afterward to prevent the risk of rusting.

    The dildo is Tantus' premium silicone, 100% body safe, pthalate-free, and easy to care for. It's stiff enough to provide good stimulation, but soft enough so a mid-thrust doesn't poke. My sample was the Midnight Purple color, and was quite beautiful, a deep purple looking like a jewel shining through fog.

    Material safety
  • Design / Craftsmanship:

    The included harness is a good quality basic harness that works for both men and women. The nylon straps are very strong and are heat-fused at the ends and where they are pierced for the snaps to prevent unraveling. The harness is held together and adjusted by strong plastic ladder locks (the type commonly seen on backpacks), providing an almost infinite range of adjustments. The joints are double sewn for strength, and the snaps for the O-ring connector are have a very positive lock. During use we didn't have any problems with the harness slipping, and if we did the harness can be easily tightened on the fly by pulling on the free end. The O-ring is replaceable if you want to get a larger or smaller size, in either rubber or metal.

    The Latigo Leather harness comes with a leather pad that fits behind the dildo to even out the force and prevent hair from being caught in the harness or dildo. It can be removed if desired, either for preference or to allow the wearer to use a double dildo.

    For connoisseurs of the glutes, this harness does a commendable job of providing a frame for these natural works of art, the black straps smoothly accentuating their lower curves.

    As is expected of a Tantus product, the craftsmanship of the Curve dildo was impeccable, with no noticeable seams or flaws. The base of the dildo is sturdy, and will hold the Curve upright on a flat surface (it's not quite sturdy enough for hands-free anal penetration, though). It's more than sturdy enough to keep the Curve rock-solid in a harness, though, and is a comfortable shape for hand-held use as well.

  • Size / Fit:

    The Latigo Leather harness fits a wide range of bodies, both men and women. The waist straps are adjustable between about 10" and 63", and the leg straps can comfortably fit around legs of up to about 28" circumference. If you're a bit smaller, the ends of the nylon straps can be easily tucked up around the harness to get them out of the way.

    The included O-ring measures 1-1/2" inches, the perfect size to hold the Curve steady. If you want to use a different dildo a new O-ring (not included) can be easily substituted, either in rubber or in metal.

    The Curve dildo is an excellent standard-size dildo. At 1-3/8" diameter, it's narrow enough for easy insertion in your favorite spot but big enough to stimulate. With 5-3/4 inches of insertable length it's long enough for almost all harness use, including pegging.

    Maximum hip size:
    One size fits the most
    Maximum waist size:
    One size fits the most
    Dildo holder diameter:
    1 1/2"
    1 lb
  • Performance:

    The harness slid on and tightened up easily with a pull of the straps, providing a firm foundation for the Curve dildo. Removing the harness was almost as easy, requiring only that the tabs on the ladder locks be raised. We were able to discover this function rapidly as we forgot to install the dildo first, and it can be difficult to insert the dildo while wearing the Latigo Leather harness. Once the Curve was in the O-ring and the straps were cinched down again the security of the harness/dildo combination was proved. The tip of the Curve didn't flop at all walking around the house, a testament to the design of both the Curve and the harness. When the harness was cinched down tight the O-ring was pulled a bit wider than its nominal 1-1/2" diameter, but the base of the Curve was beefy enough to stay solidly mounted. If you're using a dildo with a smaller base you might want to try a metal ring, though.

    The nylon webbing was comfortable, but as with all nylon webbing the edge can be a bit irritating if you're not used to it. It conformed well to the body, making the harness unobtrusive and wearable under clothes. Another advantage of the nylon is breathability - you can wear this harness for many hours without getting sticky underneath. The ladder locks worked well for adjustments, didn't cause any pinches during testing and held the harness well during use.

    Since harnesses can be worn by either women or men I tried on the harness as well. On a man the penis will likely interfere with the leather pad, but without the leather pad the harness worked well on me as well as my wife, holding the Curve a bit above my penis.

    The Curve dildo worked wonderfully - insertion was easy thanks to the tapered head, and the texturing added a bit of interest to the dildo without being too much anally. For hand-held vaginal use, the Curve comes with a small ridge that bumps up against your clit at full insertion for a bit of added interest. The top feature of the Curve dildo was undoubtedly the curve - it was just right for prostate or G-spot stimulation with every thrust

    Special Features:
    • O-ring harness
  • Care and Maintenance:

    One of the excellent features of this set is that it's easy to take care of. The silicone dildo can be used with any water or oil based lube, and possibly even some silicone lubes (although this is generally not recommended, Tantus has information http://tantusinc.com/content/got-lube%E2%84%A2-part-1 ).
    After you're done playing, cleanup is easy as well. Silicone can be cleaned with soap and water easily and if you want to sterilize it you can use a 10% bleach solution or boil it for a few minutes.

    The harness is almost as easy to take care of. The straps and O-ring can be washed by hand or by machine, using whatever soap you want. The leather pad is a bit harder, but it can be washed with saddle soap and have some leather conditioner put on it if it starts to dry out. Personally, we remove the leather pad if things are likely to get messy, thus leaving a very easy to clean setup.

    When removing the pad or O-ring it's best to do it one snap at a time, since it's easy to get things crossed. Having gotten into this jam barely 5 minutes after opening the package I am also able to share a tip about getting things back together: snap on one strap to the O-ring, get the harness as "on" as you can, and then reattach the rest of the straps, "building" the harness around your body. Much easier than trying to puzzle it out on the bed or table.

  • Packaging:

    The Curve Kit comes in Tantus' minimum-waste packaging of a staple sealed plastic bag with cardboard top identifying what it was. While not very showy, it does make effective use of natural resources, and the quality of Tantus' products speak for themselves even without showy packaging.

  • Experience:

    Having heard about the Curve dildo, I was excited to try it out - and in a strap-on kit no less!

    When my Curve Kit arrived I rushed to check out the contents - a nylon harness and the Curve Dildo, with its pronounced curve, nicely tapered head, and gentle ripple texturing up one side of the shaft.

    While the harness didn't immediately look like anything special, it certainly performed well during use. The straps were easy to adjust and it hugged J's features very well, and since I'm a bit of a butt man I appreciated the way the black straps framed her cheeks. As an experiment I also tried on the harness, and found that without the pad it worked quite well on a man as well.

    Once the two pieces of the kit (harness and dildo) were put together the fun really began. The Curve does everything it claims to and ought to based on its family history, apparently combining the best features of the Acute and the best features of the "car" family (Compact/Sport/Luxury) to provide a winning dildo. The midrange size is very good, and it's long enough to enable mostly-unrestrained pegging without either player having to worry about the head popping out. In all the positions tried the Curve made perfect contact with my prostate, giving this dildo the stimulating power of a substantially larger model.

    The ripple texture along one side provided a pleasant extra burst of feeling as it ran in and out of the anus or vagina, and was gentle enough that we never had to worry about irritation from rapid thrusting, even when I clenched down my anus in response to a mid-peg handjob.

    Short answer - I highly recommend this for anyone interested in harness play who either doesn't have a harness yet or has an unsatisfactory harness. It works well and will stay with you for a long time.

  • Other
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    Harness compatibility:
    O-ring compatible
    Kit includes:
    dildo, harness
    6 3/4"
    Insertable length:
    1 1/4"
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