Cyborgasm – a virtual 3-D audio erotic experience

Cyborgasm CD by Passion Press
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Cyborgasm is the first collection of erotic sessions recorded in Virtual 3-D Audio. It's a one hour anthology of explicit audio erotica designed to bring the sexual imagination to life. The 15 erotic tracks feature sexual scenarios that you actually feel a part of, or witness as if you were in the room, and erotica that you simply listen to as if someone were whispering in your ear!


1.Foreplay (2:54)

2.Deep Inside Your Cosmic Body Erotic (1:04)

3.Je Veux T' Embarasse (4:03)

4.Taboo (:18)

5.Absolute Sadist (4:29)

6.Circus Whore (6:25)

7.Dirty Fare (4:14)

8.I-900 BLOW (10:23)

9.Lost Innocence (:36)

10.Daddy's Grrrl (2:35)

11.Blue Light (3:18)

12.Succubus (Wet Nightmare)(3:38)

13.Pink Sweatboxes (8:27)

14.The Swing (6:17)

15.Buzz Off (:35)

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    60 mins.
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